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Audit reports with digital character and automatic transmission

Audit reports with digital character and automatic transmission

Civil invalidity, audit reports with digital stamps are automatically sent by INPS to the address of the citizen. The new functionality introduced in the CIC procedure was announced with Letter No. 1650 dated April 22, 2021.

Civilian contraindication, I Audit reports with digital character. It is located at about a A new type of document Used to validate the periodic verification of required health requirements.

It is sent It is automatically sent to the citizen’s address by INPS And it completely replaces the previous one.

To advertise New feature The one in the CIC procedure is INPS with Message number 1650 dated April 22, 2021.

Civilian invalidity, review reports with digital stamp sent to the citizen by INPS

Modernity consists of Audit report Which duplicates the previous, now expired, adding in the appendix New deadline for review.

If, in fact, the status of the citizen whose validity has been certified may change over time, then Medical Commission Indicates the date on which it will be required Review visit.

The Minutes with a digital stamp, Shows a novelty included in the INPS CIC procedure Identical to the previous one With the ‘Add new details.

Thus, among other data, the following is highlighted Information:

  • Medical committee carried outHealth assessment, Useful for checking required sanitary requirements;
  • Date of preparation of the report Final;
  • Committee members who drafted Minutes with a digital stamp;
  • The New date definition minutes.

at INPS Letter No. 1650 dated April 21, 2021 is reading:

“The new functionality only works on the review modes existing in the ‘CIC’ procedure and allows you to only intervene on the revision date only in cases where this has already ended.”.

Civilian Invalidity, Review Reports with a Digital Stamp: New History Indication

With this novelty, therefore, the medical committee can develop An audit report with a digital stamp Updated indicating, with new verification deadline, the same previous information:

  • anamnesis;
  • Diagnose;
  • Forensic ruling.
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The medical committee can refer Three different results Regarding the date of updating the document:

  • Extension The revision date has already expired;
  • Cancel review, In this case the report becomes permanent and final;
  • Inclusion of the DM2007 exemption, In this case, future new reviews, extraordinary verifications and investigations of this situation are prohibited.

Once completed, the new report comes with Digital Stamp It is automatically sent to the citizen’s address It replaces the previous audit report that has already expired.

INPS – Message # 1650 dated April 22, 2021
Civilian contraindication. The “CIC” Action Update version. Create records with a digital character
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