Home Economy Tax authorities crack down on checking accounts: what are the risks

Tax authorities crack down on checking accounts: what are the risks

Tax authorities crack down on checking accounts: what are the risks

Hard times for owners Current accounts Debtors to public bodies. The Audit Bureau gave accurate indicators regarding the reform of credit collection in the 2021 Public Finance Coordination Report dated May 28. Anyone responsible for the collection will be able to know the size of the debit account and not just its existence, while the green light has been given to enhance enforcement actions such as returning to Reservation of the thing pledged The first home and exceptional and exceptional solutions to get rid of the backlog. In this way we intend to overcome the difficulties related to debt recovery.

The data in the report, as indicated Italy today, the stock of inventory was found to be 1,068.802.8, ensuring a percentage of collecting credits equals 13%. Therefore, a deep reform of the system of compulsory collection of public credits is needed. The government undertook to submit to Parliament, within two months of the approval of Sostegni Decree 1, the review criteria for the collection of the appropriations, but from the first signs there does not appear to be an identical view between the judges of politics and the judges of account. For the Audit Bureau, the most “active” interventions should relate to legislation that procedural It appears inappropriate to ensure adequate protection of the public interest.So much so that the public creditor, according to the report, is in worse shape than the private creditor.

The basic elements are: attachment limits on amounts payable on the basis of salary, salary and other allowances; Limits of property confiscation in relation to debtors established in the form of a company and in any case if the debtor’s activities lead to a spread of the invested capital in the business; Raise the limit under which registration is prohibited to twenty thousand euros Mortgage; Limits of real estate confiscation and seizure of property only in which the debtor resides at the registry office. Among the proposed actions, foreclosures, which would relate to the main home. over there forced sale Real estate can occur even if the value of the assets is less than 120 thousand euros, provided that it is also economic, that is, including realizing amounts that exceed the costs of the procedure.

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Moreover, according to the judges, an enhanced legal presumption regarding property ownership should be introduced mobile property located in the home of the debtor. With regard to the judicial personnel, then, and on the group, we are moving towards the idea that the structure of the proceedings can define not only the existence of the relationship, but also its present consistency. Finally, for further protection of public credits, the ineffectiveness, as regards financial management, of free documents copied after notification of bills of exchange against the assignor in an amount equal to or greater than the minimum required for mortgage registration.

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