The prime minister is forced to post text messages, and a Brexit teacher attacks him

    United Kingdom, Cummings retaliates against Johnson in the Dyson scandal

    Dominic Cummings survives the Dyson Johnson scandal and criticizes the incumbent prime minister. The case concerns the solution Johnson promised to vacuum cleaner Sir Dyson to avoid tax burdens on his employees if he secured the urgent transfer of ventilators to the UK to help the respiratory system, which is essential to counter the first wave of Covid. The individuals have already been transferred to Singapore. The letters were issued and caused a sensation about the British prime minister.

    Boris Johnson: “Green change is growth and jobs, it’s not about hugging rabbits”

    Cummings, who was put on the doorstep of Downing Street in November 2020, was floated as the source for the passage of some transcripts of the BBC talks, but tonight he denied everything on his blog with a tone of polemics towards his former boss. Cummings denied publishing the messages and accused Johnson of accusing him. Then he added on BoJo, “It is sad to see the prime minister and his office backtracking so far on the standards of efficiency and integrity that the country deserves.”

    Boris Johnson: “How good it is to be back in the tavern in months. Other openings from May ”

    Johnson’s response was not long time: “Ensuring the UK transition from 9,000 fans available a year ago to 22,000 fans is an advantage” who spoke of his initiative as a logical act and was invited as a witness to the Labor Party defense of Tony Blair, who he said would have done the same.

    Covid, Great Britain towards a return to normal: More people die from road accidents than from the virus

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