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Will influencers or people rule? There is a need for a society against global mistrust

  Will influencers or people rule?  There is a need for a society against global mistrust

We will be able to Self-determination? Will we be free? Will we have groups of people who together will avoid being influenced by the duty leader? Or at least, the groups that are able to counterbalance leadership? Let us analyze what is vulnerable to which our nature is.

Search Culture 2030Conducted by sociologist Domenico de Masi and followed up on M5S myself, it explores what has just been said with a rich set of predictions about the phenomenon. Effect.

In 2030, the system of controlling political forces will try to numb the revolutions and there will be influencers demanding the ideals of youth movements to tame their demands. There will be natural or artificial influencers wielding more power than all other citizens. ”But not only:“ Influencers will be as well. A symbol of subtly submissive moral principles For a utilitarian culture. They will dedicate themselves to promoting and selling experiences, emotions, and performances and will participate in the world of 360-degree entertainment. There will be employees and innovators serving the various influencers in the artificial intelligence network. “

It turns out, then, that in addition to the political leaders who have always been around, there will be more and more Leaders associated with brands, products, and companies This leader will occupy the scene more than all the others, as is evident today. With Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos or Mark Zuckerberg, we will be more familiar with Alexa’s voice than with the President of the United States.
All of this will increasingly require the use of a large amount of engineers and innovators put into service networks Artificial intelligence.

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So if it is true that the brain has found safety for thousands of years and prefers to follow a large number of people, if it is true that we are experimenting every day, with online reviews and advice from friends, then it is preferable. The most popular option From the audience, if it is true that these shortcuts in our brain have also ensured our survival, even with the colossal distortions and distortions that have emerged in human history, another trend is also true.

Social experiences in recent years and neuroscience research show that, in most cases, we’re all ready for this Trust others and reciprocity: This generates the release of oxytocin, which allows us to achieve well-being in the biological reward circuitry.

Therefore, the majority of people tend to do so cooperation And this kind of feeling is rewarded in our body. The mind is programmed to trust. We’ve done this since birth and trust makes the company thrive. We not only trust the leader, we trust others in general. This beautiful tendency of a human being today is severely tested through stress, uncertainty, and isolation, which are the three main factors of this pandemic, and the three counteracting factors for developing trust in others.

How do we deal with it next The biggest global mistrust Has it ever existed in history without resorting to political leaders, big brands, or technological alternatives?

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The real weakness in the future is the “inability to create societies,” and there will be multiple “electronic societies,” but they will be “in time: fleeting, volatile, and built around temporary interests and goals”. The cultural transition to avoid the collapse of human civilization in 2050 requires global thinking, just as the French sociologist explained Edgar Morin, To look to the only true community: the community of all humanity.

A society capable of saving the habitat in which it lives if it combines the “burden of mastering and integrating a” social model “with ethical and human aspects, through the use of appropriate tools for participation and listening, with the help of intellectuals, writers, scholars, journalists, professors, and in general, all those who think, expand and experiment from Their views. “

Time to start.

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