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Celery leaves, which is why you should never throw them away: invaluable benefits

Celery leaves, which is why you should never throw them away: invaluable benefits

Celery leaves should not be thrown away for anything in the world. Indeed, the benefits are invaluable

Celery is one of the most common and useful foods, especially when we intend to seriously follow our diet.

The celery plant is well known and easy to grow, but few really know its properties and uses. In this article, in fact, we show you why you should not throw away celery leaves, and what are the benefits of this amazing plant.

Celery leaves are a thousand powerful ally: all the uses and benefits that it brings

We all know celery because of its popular root and we use it in salads and in many recipes. However, very few people know the fronds and leaves of the celery plant instead. Usually, in fact, they are discarded, even if they are actually edible and can be used in many recipes. In addition to, Celery leaves are among the foods that are particularly beneficial for our body. It’s actually rich in vitamin A, which is good for your bones, teeth, and immune system. Sedanin (important for digestion), apigenin, and essential oils.

Here’s what you can do with celery leaves – Biopianeta.it

Therefore, eating celery leaves is not dangerous at all, on the contrary, it can be really beneficial for those who want to incorporate vitamins and natural elements. However, it should not be taken by those who are allergic to celery (obviously) and birch pollen, as well as chronic kidney disease. It is also not recommended for breastfeeding women, as they can give the milk a sour taste. It is also not necessary to eat large quantities of celery leaves, in order to avoid bouts of skin sensitivity to light.

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But how do we eat celery leaves? As we said earlier, this type of food can be used in multiple recipes. For example, we can put it Minestrone mixed vegetables, enriched omelets, chopped into chunks for our gravy, or even to make delicious velvety soups or veggie pancakes. Moreover, let’s not forget that celery leaves can also be used to make decoctions and marinades, but we can also use this part of the celery plant to create a celery leaf pesto, perhaps by adding lettuce leaves to make it less bitter. In short, celery leaves can be a valid substitute in many recipes, so the advice is never to throw them away.

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