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Russia Declares State of War in Ukraine – The News Teller

Russia Declares State of War in Ukraine – The News Teller

In a recent statement, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov declared that Russia is currently in a “state of war” in Ukraine. The announcement has raised speculations on potential changes in Russia’s approach following President Vladimir Putin’s recent election victory.

Peskov highlighted that the conflict in Ukraine has escalated to a war due to Western involvement in the region. He called for internal mobilization in Russia in response to the situation. This statement marks a shift from previous language, as Peskov acknowledged that the conflict has evolved beyond a limited special military operation.

Analysts have been divided on the significance of Peskov’s remarks, with some pointing out that the notion of a wider war with the West has been discussed before. Peskov later clarified that, in legal terms, the conflict remains a special military operation. However, he emphasized that it has effectively turned into a war for Russia.

Russian propaganda has framed the conflict as an existential battle for survival against the West. Tensions have been rising over Western support for Ukraine, prompting Putin to issue a warning against any Western troops entering the country. He even hinted at the possibility of a nuclear war if such actions were taken.

The comments made by Peskov have sparked debates about the future of the conflict in Ukraine and Russia’s role in the region. As the situation continues to escalate, many are closely monitoring the developments and potential implications of these latest statements.

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