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“Huge resources have been allocated and do not directly affect the debt / GDP ratio.”


Pumping liquidity resources to support families and companies in the system, During the year 2020 by the government,It was huge and had the advantage of not having a direct effect on the public debt / GDP ratioThis is what it emanates from Link Present it today Mediocredito Centrale and Svimez On the impact of measures introduced by liquidity decisions, Cura Italia and re-launch.

“The effect of credit guarantees granted by the fund on public debt – the document explains – is determined by the risks of enforcing the same guarantees, or by the quality of the primary credit. Whether at the time of the initial grant or at any later time,” Mediocredito Centrale assesses the credit quality on which a state guarantee is imposed, and calculates the expected loss resulting from non-payment of loans.“.

Therefore, the report continues, “Based on this quantitative determination, we have reached a definition of the expected amount of precautions that must be prepared to face the enforcement of guarantees by banks to deal with insolvencies. The size of these hedges determines the burden on public finances in each period, and thus the impact on public debtThe report explains.

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