Home Economy Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl’s account

Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl’s account


Another scam using phishing technology against a girl who lost all her savings, who invested around 7,000 euros in mail coupons.

Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl's account
Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl’s account (Photo: Pixabay)

An email was received in all respects similar to that of the Italian Post Office. The fake message spoke of system updates and requested confirmation of the data in the message body. What doesn’t make the victim of this fraud suspicious is that the data matches his or her data.

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Scam alert Federconsumatori

Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl's account
Phishing, € 7,000 disappeared from a girl’s account (Photo: Pixabay)

With the epidemic forcing us to spend a lot of time at home, we have a lot of time to spend online. This means that I am Fraudsters You have more time trying to steal sensitive data, especially that of Current accounts Banking and postal services, to complete their fraud.

The case of the girl who was delivered Email is equal As for Poste Italiane’s official attempts, these are only the latest among many other phishing attempts, some are successful, others are not. Federconsumature Treats every day. The most dangerous thing in this particular case is that after receipt Message By e-mail asking to confirm their data, the victim also received one Phone call With Self-Style Customer Service from Poste Italiane.

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This allowed fraudsters to complete the work. The victim realized her money was only wasted when she actually went to the post office a few days later. The biggest insult was that no one Dependent Homeland security From the Poste Italiane system he realized that something strange was happening.

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In general, Federconsumatori cautions which message Request to confirm their bank details. Unfortunately, however, fraudsters are becoming more efficient and successful scams are only increasing. Federconsumatori estimates that we’re in the range of + 33% of phishing cases.

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