Coppa Italia, global final: to be broadcast in 170 countries

    Coppa Italia, global final: to be broadcast in 170 countries

    The presentation of the Italian Frisa Rossa Cup Final will be a fascinating one, with the use of increasingly innovative technologies, special optics, super slow motion, virtual integrations and cinematic cameras that will make the event story unique and exciting.

    The match between Juventus and Inter, scheduled for Wednesday, May 11 at the “Olympico” stadium in Rome, will see the use of more than 35 cameras (including the host and integration cameras of primary national licensee Mediaset and Abu Dhabi International Sports Station), including the Robycam.

    Register for a competition organized in Italy by Lega Serie A, created with technical partner NEP Italy and in collaboration with NVP provider of cinematic integration also with drones, using innovative Sony cameras and new cinematic optics that will make it possible to tell the story. New perspectives compared to the traditional one, with support for Super Slow Motion replay (never used in Italy) for the number of frames per second and video quality.

    A trial of the so-called technology will also be conducted (with technology partner Hawk Eye). “Virtual Recreation” which will allow the end user to review replays of race events in augmented reality (as in a video game), including also advanced statistical and tracking data along with the video.

    As at the previous Freccia Rossa Super Cup event, the CD will be an integral part of the production. Bogie cam called “Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Cam”: a radio-controlled vehicle-mounted camera (Movicom provider) that will simulate a train and move around the stadium during pre-match stages, positioning itself in reverse during the match, providing exclusively close-up footage for work.

    “Following the first broadcast of a football match in the Metaverse for the Fricia Rossa Cup Final, we have raised the bar and brought important technological innovations onto the field to deliver an increasingly exciting show to fans. – announced Luigi Di Servo, CEO of Lega Serie A -. Experimentation and technological innovation are the keywords for the new way in which we want to tell our events, by producing closer to cinema products. New ways and languages ​​to make the product more exciting.”

    The Italian Frisa Rossa Cup Final will be broadcast in more than 170 regions by more than 35 foreign radio stations. Especially:

    • Sub-Saharan Africa: StarTimes
    • Americas: ESPN (Latin America including Brazil), Fubo TV (Canada), Paramount (USA, US territories)
    • Asia: Migu (China), Zhibo (China), iCable (Hong Kong), DAZN (Japan), TVRI (Indonesia), UseeTV (Indonesia), Macau Cable TV (Macau), Astro (Malaysia, Brunei), Singtel (Singapore) , TrueVisions (Thailand), HTV (Vietnam)
    • Europe: DigitAlb (Albania), DAZN (Austria, Germany, Spain), TV Arena Sport (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia), A1 (Bulgaria), Cyta (Cyprus), Ekstra Bladet (Denmark) ), L’Equipe (France, Andorra, Monaco, French Overseas Territories), Nova (Greece), Charlton (Israel), ArtMotion (Kosovo), TSN (Malta), VG (Norway), Ziggo (Netherlands), Polsat (Poland) ), Sport TV (Portugal), Premier Sports (UK, Ireland), AMC Networks (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), Prima Sport (Romania), Okko (Russia), Aftonbladet (Sweden), Blue (Switzerland), TRT (Turkey), TRBC (Ukraine), NTRC (Uzbekistan)
    • Middle East and North Africa: Abu Dhabi Media.

    Moreover, the final marking Italian Fruccia Rossa Cup On May 11, the Lega Serie A, inside the Power Room of the Olympic Stadium in Rome, will offer its guests a new and exciting experience that will allow them to experience, through advanced technology, a preview multi-angle From the ongoing match between Juventus and Inter.

    By utilizing the multiple cameras located in the stadium, guests will be able, in between the first and second half and at the end of the match, to experience an emotional replay through a complete replay in a personal and interactive flow that allows you to review the match and actions from several different perspectives.

    The methods of use (with dedicated devices) may be as follows:

    • Touch screen which will show the available features on the big screen
    • Mobile devices that will be available to display the ‘mobile phone’ screen of the game, and be able – in a customized manner for each user – to enjoy both the TV program, which is usually watched, and the multiple viewpoints available, at any location at the time of the match.

    The Technology Preview is introductory to the “live” use (in conjunction with digital television and broadcast software) of vision multi-angle From the game in its entirety and to its most prominent plays.

    This is an introduction to the potential to extend these innovative approaches – and others – to fruition for all fans attending football matches, whether on the field, from home or on a mobile device, giving a more engaging and engaging vision.

    Lega Serie A, in collaboration with RMC Srl, continues the path towards the use of advanced technologies for the sport. In today’s highly connected digital world, a new way of seeing football begins.

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