Free up space in a few clicks

    Free up space in a few clicks
    cell phone space makeup
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    Extensive use of a mobile phone inevitably leads to clogging of its memory. However, it doesn’t take much to get back into the saddle.

    ‘Out of space’ or ‘almost full’. Our cell phone often repeats it to us, there’s no point in denying it. Blame it on our use of it, including photos and videos, sharing content or simply using apps.

    cell phone space makeup
    Photo © AdobeStock

    Eventually, the device memory will inevitably start to run out. cache first, This is a less “heavy” data archive.Designed to speed up phone usage. Emptying it is a first step to clearing up the memory, but it often isn’t enough. Maintenance of your mobile phone, smartphone or iPhone is a must to do. Saturated memory may jeopardize many processes and, above all, will limit storage possibilities to such an extent that it will be impossible. In practice, once the memory is full, it will be better to rest your soul: the camera will no longer take pictures and the content exchanged via WhatsApp will not be visible. It will not even be allowed to send a vowel.

    In addition, the entire smartphone will be affected. Open contact space, WhatsApp itself, file forwarding (as long as possible): everything will slow down due to possible memory saturation. Maintain a good pace in cleaning It would be wise of your mobile phone. Deleting underused photos or videos is surely the first and crucial step to avoid overloading, and thus interrupting functionality. But, The fact that it is used regularly, makes any device vulnerable to complete memory impairment. And at this point, it becomes difficult to lighten it without the help of third-party apps. Not impossible though.

    Full mobile, how to clear memory without external applications

    You should never trust appearances. Some apps often promise sparks, but in the best cases, instead of lightening the memory, they end up overburdening it. If you choose “Help From Home”In practice, it is always better to do this by resorting to well-known and well-reviewed applications rather than trying the risky path. It would be better to work without installing additional applications on your mobile phone. This is also possible, sometimes even faster. For those who own an Android 12 device, this should not be new, as the procedure depends on this type of smartphone. Everything is simple and accessible: just go to settings, then to storage and finally to free up space. From here, the trampoline looks pretty straightforward.

    Screenshots, downloaded files, redundant files – everything can be deleted with this simple process, which will also allow your Google Drive account to be backed up. In some cases it is also present cleaning tips option, Useful for getting rid of residual files and thus completing the image. In addition to that, there is also another way to clean your mobile phone, longer but still simple. We have to work on various applications, clear cache and delete various data. General but useful procedure: From Archive and Memory, just tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data to continue. One application at a time, sure, but it’s worth it in the end.

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