New images show ship interiors and bases in concept art –

    New images show ship interiors and bases in concept art -

    starfield Returns to show itself in a new Pictures Which explains above all Ship interiors and space rulesbut again it is an artistic concept, as Bethesda continues to maintain absolute secrecy regarding the actual content of the game.

    Pictures can be seen in this is the addressin a subReddit dedicated to Starfield, with 6 illustrations Which, if nothing else, serves to tell the inspiration that guided the process of creating the scenarios used in the game.

    Starfield, Interior Art Concept
    Starfield, Interior Art Concept

    Also in this case, the pattern in the middle is clearly visible Science fiction and real technology It delves into a fraction of the entire Starfield vision, in that particular piece of art that the developers have defined as “NASApunk.”

    The images of the interiors are in fact quite reliable, with cramped spaces filled with intricate technological structures including tubes, cables, electronic and mechanical elements of various kinds, all inserted into as little space as possible as is often the case with real spacecraft.

    This is not an official source but the illustrations look original, effectively aligning with those already distributed by Bethesda in its new main game. For the rest, we’re waiting to see Starfield in action and now it should be close: the game should actually have a leading role in the Xbox & Bethesda Showcase June 12 2022 19:00, which is the most important annual event for Xbox ads and shows.

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