You may not miss it

    You may not miss it

    The WhatsApp team takes the lead in improving the video experience. A novelty that we will see in the coming weeks and that we will not be able to do without. That’s what it is.

    the technology landscape It is constantly evolving. There are many platforms that help us every day in carrying out our duties. An important help that has grown more and more over time. In fact it has become basic. On the one hand, the work of the development teams has provided us with really great platforms.

    whatsapp and videos
    The internet is all free

    The WhatsApp Is a leading company in the world of messaging. With time and hard work from the developers, the platform has got more and more tools to use. The updates are continuous and aim to give different users more and more options to make use of in their daily lives. What, soon, appears to be a new development topping the division Videos and how to make them.

    The scope of videos on WhatsApp is another aspect that allows us to understand the work behind it. But this is only one aspect of the great platform that has been created. There are many aspects that give value, such as The option arrived via the latest update. Returning to our topic, let’s see together what can change from the side of the video.

    WhatsApp, is there a “camera mode”? How will it work

    Like any new feature, it goes through a beta phase before it reaches users. And also the video option. In fact, in the coming weeks some users will be able to start practicing the new feature. It also reports Wapita infothe platform will allow users Quickly switch from camera to camcorder. This key, as of now, is not enabled but you have to press it to activate the video function. Thus, a quick change without going to the References section that we find on our device.

    With this change, a small click will suffice and we will have the possibility to take advantage of the video functionality in all its aspects. Rumors have revealed that this new option will be called “camera systemThe functionality is already under development and will be available in the future for both Android and Apple devices.

    As expected, the new video functions It is under development and will soon be tested by many users who will test it in the beta phase. Once this phase is completed, it will be possible to proceed with the update that will not only bring this functionality but also some improvements. However, at the moment, there is no certainty as to when it will reach our devices. What is certain is that the new video evolution will happen.

    In short, me Many WhatsApp users I’m waiting for another important development. However, it must be emphasized that the platform already has many features at this moment. Like, for example, file The ability to hide the icon from the phone or a A trick that few know and transform today. Therefore, many elements are still present that will arrive that make us understand why the application is increasingly important to users. The same people who are increasingly complacent.

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