Madonna: Hello Queen | Vanity Fair Italy

    Madonna: Hello Queen |  Vanity Fair Italy

    This article about singer Madonna was published in Issues 4-5 of Vanity Fair On newsstands until January 31, 2023

    “Good artists borrow, great artists steal.” Pablo Picasso said it and he definitely agrees MadonnaPicassa the world of music, which has dominated since the early eighties until today.

    Regardless of size and ability to plunder the world around it in terms of images, sounds, themes and taboos, Madonna He has in common with the Spanish painter another immeasurable and almost unique talent: talent The ability to transform through career without giving up on oneself. If others see change as a possible sign of crisis, Picasso and Madonna change to assure their absolute security convinced that true identity is spirit, not appearance.

    In fact, from Madonna Louise Ciccone born in 1958 in Bay City Michigan, 64 years old freeze-dried as if she were 32, light, dressed like a feather fur coat, many Madonnas have passed our days starting with that girl who was a waitress In the legendary Lucky Strike in Alphabet City, when New York’s East Village was not just another trendy neighborhood with skyrocketing rents, but a veritable jungle where Manhattan’s best underground business went crazy, a few hours before a tsunami of horrific freedom had been devastated by AIDS. . She was already there. He became involved with another as-yet-uncelebrated legend, the painter Jean-Michel BasquiatWhen the future consisted only of the wonder of waking up alive the next morning and fame, money and success were far enough away for them to be able to desire them with all their creative energy.

    It was 1982 and like a VirginIt Was Two Years Away, the cover of the song and album featuring photos of thirty-year-old Steven Meisel. First there will be the first album Madonna. Like another great icon of American art, Andy Warhol, Miss Ciccone, more effective than a master of pop art, will use her religion and her almost blasphemous first name to build her own personal, sexual, and sexual revolution. text like a Virgin It is now taught in universities as one of the contemporary texts that have contributed to radically changing the image of women in society. Indeed art, because it is real art, Madonna is the scientific proof that one can make politics, culture and revolution and at the same time provide pure and divine entertainment by being popular rather than brutally populist.

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