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The trick is to use WhatsApp without a phone number

The trick is to use WhatsApp without a phone number

The dogma, the supreme law, the first commandment of the most popular messaging app is the following: To use WhatsApp you must have a phone number. Usually you shouldn’t evade this basic indicator, even if a person has a company-approved and certified profile.

However, there is a way to get around this limitation, especially if you have a smartphone but don’t have an active SIM card. What you need is a connection and not a tech relative who wants to support you.

The WhatsApp

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Firstly, that person must not have WhatsApp and then he must be willing to give you their number to request the code necessary to activate WhatsApp. Once you get it, subscribe to the app that will send an OTP code via SMS. Get the code and enter it on the platform, and then you will be registered with the contacts in your address book.

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