The fairy village that you will visit in the spring with the children: very close to us

    The fairy village that you will visit in the spring with the children: very close to us

    This fairytale village in the heart of Europe could be the perfect destination if you are looking for a place to get to for a family spring break. This is where it is.

    Fairytale Village –

    Spring also brings with it the desire to take a break and spend a few days, perhaps with family, in the middle of nature.

    Only in this way can one fully immerse himself in the mood of the warm season and realize within himself that sense of rebirth and freedom that this period of the year can convey.

    If you are looking for a specific place where Go on spring break Even with children, this village can be the perfect solution.

    A fairytale village in the heart of Franconian Switzerland: welcome to Tüchersfeld

    It is found in northern Bavaria One of the most picturesque regions in all of Germany. Let’s talk about Franconian Switzerlandor Franconia, a region of romantic and private landscapes among mountains, rocks and fairytale valleys.

    Here, in this area between Nuremberg, Bayreuth and Bamberg, they are found Small village Which seems to be reminiscent of fairy tales.

    Fairytale Village –

    Gingerbread houses, farmhouses, and meadows here are dominated by stone giants, who seem to have been silent for thousands of years. in a small village of Churchfield It is almost impossible to distinguish that fine line that separates reality from fiction.

    Yes, because everything in this place appears to be the result of a well-used pencil by the hand of a children’s illustrator. To give this fairy look is Beautiful half-timbered cottagestypical of the countries of Central Europe, set in a picturesque scenery to say the least.

    Behind them, in fact, some rise Rock formations of various shapes. It is a primitive ocean floor whose formation dates back to the Jurassic period.

    In this region of Germany, impressive rock formations can be found in large quantities. Indeed, to many, Franconian Switzerland represents a paradise from a natural point of view, thanks to the now enchanting landscapes and wilderness it has to offer.

    Travertine boulders, caves, and rock walls dot every corner here. Here, not surprisingly, it is The longest cave in the country (1500 meters) is called Grotta del Diavolo, and it is characterized by stalactites and stalagmites of unique beauty.

    Visit Tüchersfeld and its surroundings

    But Tüchersfeld is not just rocks and caves. Loved by climbers and hikers, this village is actually very important from a cultural point of view for Germany. Indeed, due to its beauty, the hamlet has become a symbol of German postage stamps.

    Tuchersfeld –

    Among the things that can be seen here and in its surroundings we find:

    • the Museum of Franconian Switzerland, the main attraction of the village. It is one of the most important museums in Franconia as it houses regional artifacts and archaeological finds from the past. It is located between two impressive rocks, and today it is the symbol of Tüchersfeld.
    • there Synagogue and Jewish Museumamong the most important regions in Upper Franconia.
    • the others Small towns in Upper Franconia Such as Bayreuth, Münster, Bremen, Schnorr or Erfurt.

    The best time to visit Franconian Switzerland and all its magical villages is definitely spring. The beautiful landscapes, capable of mesmerizing both adults and children, actually become even more enchanting with the advent of summer.

    This time of year everything gets around it A large area of ​​fragrant flowersEspecially the cherry. In fact, one of the largest is located in this region of Germany Cherry crops for the whole nation.

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