Blizzard, it looks like a crunch plan has been launched to bleed the developers out

    Blizzard, it looks like a crunch plan has been launched to bleed the developers out

    project blizzards He publicly vented his frustration on Twitter with a string of farewells developers From the World of Warcraft studio, which was apparently forced to release a real one Crisis planto indicate to management what the rest will launch and what they will not be able to launch, given the growing number of defections.

    The producer in question is Adam “Glaxigraph” and his posts come across as very honest. It all started with losing another person during the week. In his own words: “Blizzard loses the gods Wonderful talents Because the person in charge does not want to listen to game managers who make games.”

    In fact, his rant runs even deeper: “Look, I don’t want to fight. I just want to make video games. I want to make a critically acclaimed bestseller. You can do that if you get rid of everyone working on it.”

    In short, the Developers escape It would create major problems for Blizzard, to the point of having to choose which projects to launch first and which to hold off until better times.

    When asked what the matter was, Blizzard responded with its own spokesperson who called Crisis Plans atypical for World of Warcraft: “However, prioritization, and iteration to ensure the highest quality is part of video game development.”

    Glaxigraph is not alone in expressing some frustration with the situation. Allison Steele, World of Warcraft’s chief game designer, attributed the developers’ journey to the commitment of being back in the office in the past few weeks. According to her, the bleeding will continue for the next few months. Steele: “It’s a terrible, short-sighted, self-destructive policy that will only serve to weaken us in our ability to play the kind of games our players want and deserve.”

    Reading the tweets and responses, it seems like most of the problems are on the Dragonflight team, an extension for World of Warcraft that’s much loved by fans and critics. It’s hard to say if other in-house teams, such as Diablo 4’s team, are also experiencing the same drama.

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