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Steven Gerrard: the champion of Liverpool, the king of Glasgow. Sky Sport special

  Steven Gerrard: the champion of Liverpool, the king of Glasgow.  Sky Sport special

Think about a football career Steven GerrardIt’s hard not to want to close your eyes and imagine for a moment racing to the cup in the red number 8 Liverpool jersey and the captain’s badge. Glorious careerIt is among the most fascinating things football history has ever produced, however An indelible stain. Not so much for those Girard had the chance to admire, nor for the Liverpool fans who have had to wait to win the title for 30 years. But for him. Square zero under the Premier League won is a pain, Frequent clue, a skeleton in a locker that’s not hermetically sealed on the boy from Liverpool.

Ghost turned into a monster on the afternoon of April 27, 2014, The day the ground under Gerrard’s feet failed to slip that became a symbol for Manchester City, champion a few weeks later, and thrilled for Liverpool and their captain. The Fall, to which Gerrard also devoted an entire chapter of his autobiography: The gag. But at that point Stephen couldn’t even imagine that there were even those who were worse off than him.

Two years ago, a few kilometers northeast of the UK map, One of Scotland’s most prestigious clubs has disappeared from football radars. The glorious team Notifications It went bankrupt due to a financial meltdown and had to start over from the fourth series of the Scottish football pyramid. Imagine what it feels like to play on a stadium without a roof and with icy change rooms for a club that the second division has heard, let alone the fourth, maybe on TV only or reading it in newspapers that are used to damage. Carpet. It will take them four years to return to first class.

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The gods of football, or perhaps simply fate, decided to make them meet.

Steven Gerrard on his first adventure as a coach After a short but formative experience in the Liverpool youth team. I am Rangers, my torrents in the Premier League, With the desperate need to break the Celtic monopoly. She won the dominance stopping at nine consecutive championships. Because just as the Greens in Glasgow prepare to write a historical page that will not be repeated by winning the tenth title in a row, an achievement that no one has achieved in Scotland, Here is the great revenge.

A rematch from Gerrard who had never won a championship before. And don’t care if fate has given it another shape. Not as a player, but as a coach. Not on the River Mersey, but in a land historically hostile to England like Scotland. The Rangers’ Revenge, given to death, ended without a future. Instead He returned to the throne of Scotland 10 years later. Thanks to Gerrard, a great strategist and unanimously elected by the people, the new Glasgow king. The blue part.

The Special, Steven Gerrard: Liverpool Champion, King of Glasgow

Saturday 3 April

Raw 12.15 H 20.30: Sky Sports Football

15.50: Sky Sports Uno

Sunday 4 April

12.15 and 21.15: Sky Sports Uno

Fifthly, 23.30: Sky Sports Football

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