Home sport Kayak or canoe, what are the differences and which one to choose

Kayak or canoe, what are the differences and which one to choose

Kayak or canoe, what are the differences and which one to choose

Exercising is truly a panacea for the mind and body. We must all, indiscriminately, act more for the well-being of our health. There are many sports that you can play on land and in the water. Among the most popular water sports are those that are practiced with kayaks and canoes. Many think that they are the same boat and the same sport but that is not the case. Let’s see what are the differences.

What is blasphemy

the term “kayak” comes from Inuit language it meansMen’s boat / canoeToday, rowing is kind of boat Primarily designed for Tourism and sports purposes. consists of one Resistant hull, made of polyethylene and inner spars (plastic or metal) for the footrest, leg loops, comfortable seat and backrest can be modified. All of these that we have listed are the so-called support points.

The origins of rowing

the Kayak origins It is very old: it goes back, in fact, to approx 4000 years ago. It was a ship he used Yupik, of the Inuit and Aleutthe. These inhabitants are accustomed to rallying around the gods Rivers and lakes of the North Atlantic, the Bering Sea and the Arctic Ocean by kayak. Kayaks were out Of wood, the oar had two blades, and on the whole boat was sealskin. It was used for the huntin order to fishing And as a means of moving from one place to another.

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What is canoe

there boat is kind of boat made up of one Belt and paddle, which is very light and can be used for paddling in the water. It is used, as well as for Sports, transportation, transportation of goods and hunting. Compared to others, it’s a Medium enough safe Because there are not many chances of it turning over.

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Some historical notes on the canoe

there boat It was used for that Sports and leisure in 1858, when MacGregor, an explorer originally from Scotland, has traveled to the United States and Canada. Once home, he set to work Draw a boatthat was building from Lambeth boatbuilders company. With this build, yes Go to the Middle East, Europe and the UK. He also wrote a volumeA thousand miles in Rob Roy Canoein which he spoke of his experience in this matter. In the ‘1874there was First boat race. and in1936the canoe has become an integral part of Olympic Games.

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Difference between kayak and canoe

So what are the files differences The one between the two boats that seem to be the same? As for the kayak, there it is One opening through which a person can exit and enter. also , water level compared to a boat It is much less. Even with regard to oars, there is a difference: they are used for rowing single paddlewhile for Kayak a Double paddle, with two blades on either side. canoes from plastic or fiberglasswhile kayaks can be from Polyethylene, carbon, fiberglass and Kevlar.

Which to choose between kayak and canoe

Let’s start by saying that using a kayak or canoe is Personal. But there are still some small pointers to follow. Rowing is best suited to the seawhile Kayaking is more suitable when you decide to sail as a couple and for example, rivers, lakes and estuaries, More stable with more space for personal belongings. It can also be used for the sea, however, considerations must be taken waves and some currents which can be powerful. For these reasons, great care must be taken.

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And what do you prefer between kayaking and canoeing? Have you ever used one of these two boats for water sports?

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