Steiner promotes Formula 1 Liberty Media: ‘Awesome work in entertainment’

    Steiner promotes Formula 1 Liberty Media: ‘Awesome work in entertainment’

    American F1? It was not promoted at all. Gunther Steiner He is absolutely convinced of this, emphasizing how holistic entertainment is now, even outside of the race itself. Miami was the example, with a side of brilliance as according to the team’s manager It well represents the current Formula 1 moment.

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    Formula 1 before and after: ‘just’ racing is no longer enough

    Before, F1 and the motorsports world in general were only thinking about racing, but now there is a rich side dish that makes the event even more attractive. This is Steiner’s thought, as he explained in a meeting with the media: “I think F1 entertainment has improved a lot since the old days. Before we just ran, we went from one race to the next without worrying about anything else. Let’s say that before we race it’s only for racing fansThat’s why this sport failed to succeed in the United States before Liberty Media.”

    Even Gunther needed time: “Even I didn’t understand the United States very well before, I understood it a lot when I moved to America. You have to live here to understand it well. People in America want continuous entertainment, not just sitting in the stands. They also want everything else, like concerts and entertainment areas. If you have kids, you need to keep them entertained, not force them into an amphitheater or up a hill to wait. So I think F1 is doing a great job from that point of view.”

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