Poste Italiane supports the economy of the province of Novara

    Poste Italiane supports the economy of the province of Novara

    Overall, on a national level, Poste Italiane in 2022 has impacts on the country in terms of GDP with a total value of €12.9 billion

    1st Northwest Region of Italy in 2022 for impacts on suppliers of more than 1.1 billion euros of GDP, more than 15,600 jobs and about 500 million euros of income

    the details

    The activity carried out by Poste Italiane made possible impacts on GDP, income from work, employment and contributions to public administration. In particular, the activity carried out in the province of Novara, which can count on approximately 620 employees, in addition to generating direct revenue closely related to the economic activity of the group, requires the purchase of goods and services produced by other companies (indirect effects) and allows For families of employees working at all stages of the supply chain to purchase new goods and services in turn (induced effects).

    In the northwestern regions (Piedmont, Liguria, Lombardy and Valle d’Aosta) Poste Italiane generated indirect effects in 2022 of more than 1 billion 140 million GDP, 15,600 thousand jobs and 491 million euros of income distributed among the workers employed in the economic system. With these figures, the group led by CEO Matteo Del Fante reaffirms itself as a company decisive in the creation of economic value for each of the stakeholders directly affected by the business activity and the system of the entire country.

    Overall, on a national level, Poste Italiane in 2022 generated impacts on the country in terms of GDP with a total value of €12.9 billion, supported a total of around 181,000 jobs, and contributed to public administration revenues of around €2.1 billion in terms of tax revenue.

    Poste Italiane’s commitment to serving the country in the year ending is part of its annual value creation process: between 2018 and 2022, Poste Italiane generated a total impact on the country of €62.1 billion in GDP.

    The Polis project will increase the impact of Poste Italiane’s activities in the future, which Poste Italiane envisioned to make post offices a home for digital services, a one-stop shop that will make access to public administration services simple and fast in 7,000 municipalities of less than 15,000 inhabitants.

    Thanks to Polis, approved by Legislative Decree 59/2021, and financed with 800 million euros within the framework of the National Plan of Complementary Investments to the PNNR, Poste Italiane offers a new face to its 7,000 post offices in small towns to make them larger and turn them into a digital one-stop-shop over the course of a year. 24 hours. While awaiting the commissioning of digital services in agreement with the various ministries and agencies, the restructuring and technological modernization of the post offices of 60 Postali and 10 construction sites currently underway in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta have already been completed. During the year, 220 offices in the region will participate in the restructuring.

    To date, the company provides the citizens of Novara with a physical and digital network unique in Italy capable of offering different services and products that can be used by all citizens. In the province of Novara, the physical network of Poste Italiane is becoming increasingly integral to the economic and social fabric and can count on 108 post offices, 51 Postamat ATMs, 5 distribution centers and 71 post offices.

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