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Scandal in the British Council in Rome, leaves the director on charges of sexual harassment

Scandal in the British Council in Rome, leaves the director on charges of sexual harassment

AGI – an unfortunate incident that rocks British society in Rome, who used to find themselves under elegant basements and in lawns Wolkonsy Villa, wonderful accomodation Ambassador in Rome. The head of the British Council in Italy was accused of letting himself go during a party at his home and of harassing an embassy colleague out of his imagination.

Paul Sellers has now left the prestigious position but there are judicial consequences because he accused those who had told (and put it in writing) of defamation that Behaved inappropriately With a colleague.

The episode dates back to December 2018, during a party at Sellers’ and Your face, Isadora, An art historian who also worked at the embassy. Vendors have been working with the British Council for 22 years, the powerful tool of British soft power, the direct emanation of the Foreign Office, and most importantly now that the UK has left the European Union. Prior to landing in Rome in 2014, he held high-level positions in India and the United Arab Emirates.

Among his tasks is to organize courses and examinations in English (Those in the British Council are among the most qualified), As well as artistic and cultural conferences and events to make the UK known in Italy to tell the facts, an email from Ken O’Flaherty, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy, ​​to the official assigned with the task of clarifying what happened.

In the email, reported by The Times, there is a copy ofThe woman, identified only with the initials ZZPerhaps fictional. She mentioned that she was attacked while she was preparing to leave the party at around 4:30 pm. When he said goodbye to Paul, he walked over Kiss her on her lips. He put his hands on her chest and carried it Groped Completely intentionally. I was shocked and felt violatedThe next day, the Lady spoke with Ambassador Gilles Morris about the incident.

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He proudly said, “He thinks Paul was too drunk. He was previously seen dancing with a trainee. “I don’t drink coffee” When it was offered. “The message is spreading in detail:“ Paul drinks regularly at socio-professional events: I have never seen him lose control, but he shows traces of alcohol and drinks more than many other colleagues. Then again: Paul Sellers showed Strange situation it’s a Abnormal emotional behavior In his dealings with embassy employees over the past few months. Which made the ambassador wonder if there was another kind of problem. ”

The sellers, who had meanwhile had to leave Rome, filed for defamation Head of the Foreign Office Dominic Raab and the British Council. But in London, the Supreme Court judge found no elements of defamation: He did say that O’Flaherty simply reported a third-person complaint and that the email does not indicate, as Sellers accuses, of any grounds for suspecting sexual assault.

reason Damages But it continues.

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