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Too hot in Europe and the United States? Impossible without climate change | A new study has been released

Too hot in Europe and the United States?  Impossible without climate change |  A new study has been released

Scientific investigation Released today confirms that global climate crisis It could be the main reason for the extreme heat waves recorded in Europe and the United States. According to the findings of this research without Global WarmingIt was practically impossible to verify such weather phenomena.

This research was conducted by a An international team of scientists Meteorologists, who studied the impact of climate change on the heat waves that occurred in different regions of the world in 2021.

Scientists have discovered that climate change is causing heat waves From five to a hundred timesAnd from Three to five temperatures.

The group of scientists who conducted the study are part of a consortium known asRefer the weather in the world(WWA), which is dedicated to analyzing extreme weather events to understand the role of climate change.

Without human-caused climate change, the study found, the extreme heat waves that hit the region would Canada and the Pacific Northwest The United States in June 2021 is “nearly impossible”. The same results occurred in Europe, in particular Southern France and in Scandinavian countries.

In the following image, it is clearly seen how the anomalies in temperatures last week (July 12th to 18th) compared to the 72-year average (since 1950) affected the Central and Southern Italythe Sardiniabut also many other regions of mainland Europe.

Thus provides this scientific analysis More evidence Climate change could cause extreme weather conditions, with potentially catastrophic consequences for the environment and affected populations.

Climate change, according to the study, not only affects repetition And density from heat waves, but they can also change geographical distribution from such events. As this study showed, areas previously considered sheltered from such extreme weather conditions are now beginning to experience more frequent and intense heat waves.

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