Port workers vote to strike at UK’s largest container port


    London. The workers’ council at Felixstowe terminal, Britain’s largest container port, has voted in favor of an eight-day strike, from August 21-29, given the lack of a contractual decision on wages. This came in a statement issued yesterday, the Union warned of the occurrence of huge logistical and transportation interruptions along the supply chain of goods, which are also causing serious disruptions in international maritime trade.

    The decision was made in protest of the unsatisfactory offer of a wage increase made by the Felixstowe Dock and Railway Company, the company that operates the port’s business.

    Dock workers are joining a growing wave of social hardship from employees in other sectors, from railroads to telecommunications, who are turning to union action as wage increases fail to keep pace with expected double-digit inflation. in Great Britain at the end of the year. the year.

    Unite continues in its statement that “the strike will stop Felixstowe and cause serious logistical problems for sea and land transport to the port.”
    A broad nationwide one-day strike took place last week, organized by rail and shipping (RMT) workers, following the historic three-day strike last June. It caused severe inconvenience to millions of Britons as a result of the train being paralyzed.
    Miles Hubbard, Regional Officer at Unite, said union action would “inevitably lead to significant disruptions to the UK supply chain”.

    Unite said workers at Felixstowe Docks, operated by Hutchison Ports, have been offered a 5% pay raise. A port spokesperson said: “The company has made what we believe is a very fair offer and we are disappointed with the result of the port operations being boycotted.” “We hope to avoid any union action,” the spokesperson added, also noting that the union has accepted a request to meet with the ACAS matchmaking service next week.

    The union has not set specific dates for the strike, which will certainly affect the coming days from August 21 to 29; 92% of workers who voted Labor supported the strike. These days, the union warns, rallies are underway to get port workers to vote in Liverpool for a possible strike.
    For Felixstowe, this is a massive strike announced in the kingdom to improve wages in the face of high inflation and a rising cost of living.

    Abel Caruso

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