Connubia Reef by Levi’s Arrival, a totally eco-friendly armchair

    Arriva Connubia Reef by Levi’s, la poltrona completamente ecosostenibile

    Levis’s and Connubia, two of Italy’s most popular brands, have teamed up to create a unique project aimed at getting fans to talk. Comfortable armchair wrapped in a unique and durable design, designed with 100% eco-sustainability in mind.

    Connubia Reef from Levi has arrived, a completely eco-friendly armchair

    it happened From 6 to 12 June 2022 there Milan Design Week By the way, who stunned Levi’s and Konopia by launching set of chairs A brand new limited edition, clearly inspired by the well-known coral reef. he is called Konopia Reef by Levian armchair created with special attention to responsibility and environmental sustainability.

    Single 100pcs available Among all the fans who love news with a disrespectful character and who can not give up the freshness and liveliness of their home. Connubia Reef is perfect for relaxing after a hard day at work An armchair that can be huggedThey make you feel welcome and surround you in a cloud of comfort. All Without sacrificing design Which stands out because of its iconic, informal, color and generosity.

    If these are the strengths that Reef inherited from Connubia, Levi’s regains Desire and The ability to persist over time. signed by Michelle Minescardiis complementary Totally environmentally sustainable. painted recycled fabricshe have The interior is made of FSC certified wood. The filling also marries the sustainable cause, which is formed by recycled polyurethane foam From sofas and the like and from the waste of companies operating in the textile and furniture sector.

    L ‘polyester fiber wadding (obtained by recycling polyester containers) is the second “ingredient” of Reef’s inner padding. The packaging is made of recycled cardboard And the inner bags in bioplastic (derived from plants). Italian Reef speaks in Levi’s denim that covers it like this Made entirely in Italy It always pays attention to quality. The processing, which is also environmentally sustainable, is based exclusively on Procedures and techniques aimed at saving water and cotton as much as possible.

    “We are proud to enter the scene with this environmentally responsible collaboration with Connubia”And the

    With these words, Levi confirmed his satisfaction with this first participation in Milan Design Week. The sales Written by Konopia Reeve by Levi’s He I have already started on the site

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