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Everything is paid for in this world in one way or another. Everything except the grace of God. ”

Grit (2010) – Joel and Ethan Quinn

Texas, 1870. The Captain Jefferson Kyle KiddA veteran of the year, he travels from city to city to read newly printed newspaper articles to anyone who wants to give him some coins to hear the stories of other countries far from their isolated little world.
A storyteller takes his full hand from real news episodes to be able to provide entertainment and information to the lower and illiterate classes of society, and, at times, give an essential message.

When he wanders around, he will come across Uncontrollable wild girl (Helena Zingle), Presumably originated by Native Americans, whose origins are shrouded in mystery.

At this point, it will be the captain’s task to accompany the girl with him and, at first, unintentionally, embark on a classic training journey, full of adversity and full of acute moments, in order to find the closest relatives of the little miserable, and, at the same time, Confronting the path of personal introspectionThe greatest challenge will be to retrace the most painful stages of the past, understand them, and thus move forward in one’s present.

“The circle … to us is like a straight line.”

The famous French critic André Bazin He said, long ago, that the Western genre could be considered the privilege of post-war American cinema.
We all know that during the heyday of cowboy movies, Hollywood has rewritten Native American historical events in one form or another.
Here we try to do a rearrangement, Give greater respect to the ancient culture, closely related to the past of the United States, Like the Indians. People who are only seen during the film’s final bars but we hear about them constantly from all the main characters in the story.
The hero himself, the spirited Joanna, will teach the character who has played before Tom Hanks A different way of life and perhaps able to take a complete look at one’s life in harmony with the earth, all in a naive but capable manner of that childish genius that can only come from individuals who are not properly “civilized”.

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The year 1870 was not the same for our time.

The narrative structure of the shots contains all the typical characteristics of the product in it Far west: Mexican stalls, sandstorms, horse races, poverty, bullets, and a rough Texas accent. However, if we do not take into account the era in which the stage is reconstructed, the scenario wants to present itself as a modern description that can be ideally placed in the political discourse today. Constant references to the unhealthy far-right ideology are exposed during the dialogues, and the hatred for disagreement has been mentioned several times, “Texas First ” It is one of the most compelling hymns we hear and it comes from the bowls of poor ignorant peasants attending the readings of Captain Kidd as he is committed to his job.

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