Home entertainment Will there be another event (the eighteenth) of no green lanes today?

Will there be another event (the eighteenth) of no green lanes today?

Will there be another event (the eighteenth) of no green lanes today?

The call to arms works, as it always does, on Telegram. A poster, a place – the usual -, the time – as usual – and an invitation to be “all united”. Today, Saturday 20 November, the Green Lanes will try to achieve eighteen, they will try to be on the square in Milan for the eighteenth Saturday in a row to express their opposition to the commitment of the green certificate to fight Covid.

The Telegram group relaunched the meeting, which gave voice to the Milan Committee, which was then dissolved. “After what happened in Milan last Saturday, there is a need to be more present without retreating an inch. They robbed our work and our dignity and attacked people’s mental health. So everyone is united and above all in support,” a plea from the non-green corridors that Everyone is invited to Piazza Fontana at 5.15 pm.

However, there is however. No demonstration was reported at the police station, therefore, also according to the recent directives of the Ministry of the Interior, no march could be allowed, but at most a stationary garrison. On the last two Saturdays, after a series of endless disturbances of the city, the attitude of the police seems to have changed: two weeks ago, after the serpent had run around for a long time, the demonstrators were strapped and barricaded in Sciesa, while last weekend – for the first time – the men of The police and police budded any attempt to demonstrate by “dividing” the activists into small groups, preventing them from moving from the Duomo and Fontana Square.

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The guidelines of the Prefecture, after the last public order commission, have not changed: “In the event that an event is regularly notified – they have announced it from Corso Monforte – shows will be permitted only with an express assumption of responsibility by the regulators for compliance with antiviral legislation, without prejudice to the observance of any instructions issued by the Police headquarters. Unannounced events, as long as they are peaceful, are only allowed in a fixed form.” But not only. Because “in the days preceding holidays and feasts, as well as on all days between November 25 and January 9, the Piazza Duomo is intended for religious, civic, cultural, commercial and recreational events planned or sponsored by the Municipality of Milan”. Translator: Even today, the non-green lanes have to move away from the center and even today, on paper, they will not be able to start the procession after not notifying the appointment.

But the fear of unbridled blocks – already seen many times in other issues curated from July to now – remains. Confcommercio, which has also launched a raft of signatures to say enough for the demonstrations, is not hiding its concerns.

“We are facing another Saturday that promises to be difficult in Milan due to the non-intrusive demonstrations. We trust in the responsibility of those who will take to the streets to respect the rules. Which means respect for the lives of citizens and companies”, the words entrusted to us .. on social media by Marco Barbieri, General Secretary The Association of Store Owners of Milan. “If the logic of unauthorized rallies prevails, the damage to trade, estimated by our Research Office, will amount to 4.2 million euros. The damage that, with the approach of Christmas, is gradually rising.” Who will win today?

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