“Isa bin refugees”, “Sorrow …”. It’s a storm on Saviano


    Roberto SavianoIn an attempt to justify the “crossing the cradle” of Ambassador Roberto Simonetti, Matteo Salvini has attacked via social media Georgia Meloni who have taken a stand on the image in which an EU diplomat and LGBT rights activist has been immortalized. A real storm came out of it.

    author Gomorrah wrote about Facebook social networking site The following, attach Logic Center-right leaders: “Written by two among Jesus and Herod who certainly sided with Herod. Two ruthless to those who fled persecution, children or adults – he insisted, referring to the arguments of Salvini and Meloni – . Two whose contempt goes so far as to deny any possibility of rescue operations at sea.”

    Once again, Saviano insisted: “Jesus was born of two Gentile refugees, who, to save him, flee their land and enter Egypt secretly.” Now clear from the fact that Joseph and Mary – as we have indicated in other circumstances – are not refugees, what has emerged is a quick response. Moreover, Saviano wrote that both Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni, had they been present at the time, would have sided with those who wanted to kill Christ.

    Matteo Salvini He replied immediately: “That guy from Saviano Notice on Facebook Former Minister of the Interior – He attacks me by saying that between Jesus and Herod I would have stood with the second (beaten in kindergarten) and added that “Jesus was born of refugees”, or rather of “illegal immigrants”. I respond to the grief of this honorable man, wishing him the good Saint Ambrose and a merry Christmas.” The “Jesus the refugee” debate is now evergreen at Christmas, but in this case, the criticisms made against the writer are above all else jumping to the headlines.

    Tones of many who commented on the thing to stay tuned: ‘Saviano checked the history, they went out of their lands to make the obligatory census of Herod…’, Single books. and another: “I know that my parents Jesus did not flee as refugees but that they will be registered in Bethlehem by order of the Roman Emperor Augustus…etc…”. So many of those who wanted to have their say under the leadership position Karuchi Supports theses and arguments of this kind.

    It had already happened in the past that someone chose the narrative according to which Jesus and the Holy Family were similar to immigrants. However, this is the detail with regard to the current case. Moreover, in the background, there remains above all the idea that the institutions of the European Union hold Christmas as a Christian-Catholic celebration, as well as as a symbol of Western traditions. After the story of the EU Commission’s internal guidelines, the photo of Ambassador Simonetti caused a second stir. Saviano, careful not to attack the protagonist in that story, decided to turn around, trying to hit Matteo Salvini and Georgia Meloni. A shot was blown, also due to errors of a historical nature, which aroused strong indignation.

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