Cuochi di Campagna travels to the USA with Chef Polegri

    Cuochi di Campagna travels to the USA with Chef Polegri

    Chef Lorenzo Puligeri left “Basque Ambassador” Sunday December 5 to the United States of America. The purpose of his foreign trip, among other things, was to develop the “Cuochi di Campagna” association and to establish relations with the local administrations to familiarize themselves with the rural realities of each other. The idea of ​​”country chefs” came out of the hat already in 2015, when Polligari spoke about it during a meeting at Harvard University.

    The purpose of the newly formed association, which will surely consider Basque as its capital, is to promote a specific and exotic typical regional cuisine capable of bringing out authenticity and local traditions above all. A project fit for the whole planet, as intended by Polegri, which focuses on rural areas, the only areas that still preserve the secrets of the typical cuisine, firmly rooted in the territory.

    As stated in the letter of introduction, signed by Mayor Damiano Bernardini, “With Polegri, we have imagined our country as a point of reference for the many American students who wish to benefit from her unrivaled expertise and learn her secrets in the kitchen.”

    Not only. In the administration’s intent, Bolligeri’s trip to the United States is an unparalleled possibility for the small town of Basque. “We believe” – continues the mayor in his introduction letter – “that in the small rural realities which are often placed on the margins, there are instead great possibilities for growth, development, cooperation and land management compatible with the new environmental consciousness of which we are talking without a full knowledge of the subject matter.” Typical cuisine as a culture, the region must be rediscovered and promoted as a temple of ancient traditions.

    Lorenzo Pellegri, 56, is a respected chef in the United States with the opportunity to work in New York and other major cities. Twice, under the Obama and Trump presidencies, he has been invited to cook at the White House. Bachian by birth and training, the most prized secrets of his kitchen lie precisely in the authentic products of this land with which he knows how to embroider the true textures of authentic Amber flavors that have lost their traditions. His farm, which he ran with his son Tommaso, produced wine and oil, the undisputed rulers of the Orvieto region, but also the typical vegetables of this region.

    Bernardini concludes, “Lorenzo Puligeri has taught in some of the major American universities,” where “he organizes real courses in his kitchen with courses being conducted in our lands. After nearly two years of forced hiatus, his trip is an opportunity to weave new relationships and deepen bonds.” in order to develop concrete cooperation that puts the well-being and development of rural areas at the fore, which is a cultural exchange in the broadest sense of the term, allowing us to open up to the whole world thanks to our characteristics, while strictly ourselves.

    The American Poligree’s journey begins in New Jersey, precisely in Rowan College, where the Basque chef organizes a special event, a kind of baptism for the Society of “Country Chefs”.

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