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Is ketchup put in the fridge or not? Finally the answer comes from those who really know

Is ketchup put in the fridge or not?  Finally the answer comes from those who really know
But does ketchup stay in the fridge? Let’s find out! – Streetfoodnews.it

Does ketchup go or not go in the fridge? Finally, we now know what to do with the opened package.

All the Products have an expiration date, Especially if we open the package but can’t finish it right away. The question arises: if you put these foods In the refrigerator Am I doing the right thing or risk making them inedible?

Usually, the label is always placed on food packages Expiration date Indicating what to do and whether or not to put the product in the refrigerator and for how long. Of course, this also applies to The sauces we use for seasoning Salads and sandwiches.

If you love ketchup and don’t know how to do it keep it longer Even with the package opened, we finally reveal what needs to be done and whether or not it can be put in the refrigerator.

Is ketchup kept in the refrigerator? We reveal it to you!

Some people usually store ketchup in the pantry, even with open the packageThey treat this sauce as if it were honey or soy sauce Which generally should not be stored in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, others decide, as soon as they open the package, to put the ketchup in the fridge, but what is the right decision? You should know that there Kraft HeinzThe well-known American company famous for this sauce with mayonnaise and mustard answered this strange but legitimate question by announcing it in a post on Twitter “Ketchup goes in the fridge!!!“.

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But what happens if we don’t put it outdoors?

If you are wondering if there can be any cases where a Ketchup should be kept in the refrigeratoryou should know thatHuffington Post Only a while ago did he do a “study” on this question proving that an open ketchup package, we are not diligent consumers, should be kept in the fridge for Prevent the formation of bacteria and mold Which may cause food poisoning if swallowed.

On the other hand, if we use ketchup so much, that we quickly finish an entire package in a few days (as in the case of Restaurant or fast food), in which case you can also avoid putting ketchup in the fridge Put it in stock.

However, it is not recommended to leave an opened ketchup package outside the refrigerator, because when it comes into contact with air and moisture, it can form mold and toxic bacteria, especially in summer and in very hot places. So the conclusion is that ketchup is always in the fridge!!!

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