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Chopin Ghar returns to play

Chopin Ghar returns to play

yesterday – TQQ in Palermo: Tris 14-16-15, €53.72 for 347 winners; Quarté 14-16-15-10, €398.84 for 17 winners; Quinté 14-16-15-10-12, 3,296.02 euros for one winner.

France – In yesterday’s hurdles in Aix-les-Bains, France’s 11th win in 2021 for red and white for Christian Troeger (and 14 for coach Davide Sattaglia), this time with Van de Chapas at 7/1 in a handicap on hedges: he’s 6 years old and was showing First time for the owner from Merano, after it was claimed two weeks ago for €21,111. At the trot today in Vichy there is the unprecedented Speed ​​Cup, the first-ever race in France with the qualifying formula (two for 17,000 euros, the first six promoted) and the final (46,000 euros) on the mile.

Yesterday I jogged in Enghien: Course B (44.000 €, m. 2875, vehicle) Bolero Gar rp. Gallup Yesterday at Chantilly: Handicap (€19,000, m. 2100 a.m.) 9. Dirty Dozen. Yesterday’s hurdles at Aix les Bains: Handicap (22,000 euros, 3800 hedges) 1. Fan de Chaba (owner C. Troger, coach D. Satalia), 6. First Daum. Run today at Longchamp: handicap (€23,000, 1,000m) light up my dream; Claim (€23,000, 1400m) for June; Handicap (28000 euros, 1800 metres) Super Super Sonic; Handicap (55,000 euros, 1,800 metres) My Britannia. Running today in Nantes: Handicap (18000€, 2400m²) Girly Pearl

Sweden – Yesterday at Lindsberg 3-year-old Chopin Jar (in the picture) He broke his 7-month fast, and took his third win in Sweden with an unmarked track as leader (first 500 of 1.13.0, comfortable km in 1.15.7, last 500 of 1.11.2).


Ieri trotto a Lindesberg: Fornabodas Treåringspris (152,000 SEK, m. 1640) 1. Chopin Jar (Prop R. Bruni) 14.3; Four-year Handelsbanken-Fornaboda Prize (140,500 sec., 2140-2160 m) 4. Barolo Roc 14.8; Barncancerfondens lopp-Bergslagsloppet (222500 sec., 1640 m) 4. Fast face 10.5. Oggi trotto a Halmstad: Travronden-Stolopp (222.500sec, 2,140m) Balla You Sm, Benedetta Jet; Cruzado Dela Noche Stoserie (222500 sec, m 2140) Blerta Cole; Tylösand-Femåringslopp-Stolopp (425,500s, 2140m) Allegra Jefont; Sandå (425500 sec., 3140-3160-3180) Zarin Vass; ElitSprint-Gert Allercrantz Minneslopp (273,500 sec., 1640) Apocalypto; Ljungby Maskin (222500 sec, m 2140) Boccamo, Callisto.

Finland – St. Michael’s heavy load continues (Group 1, €130,000, 1609m): Yesterday there was also a concession by local MAS Champ, replacing it with another Finn Run For Royalty, adding France’s Billie de Montfort. A name is always missing to complete the “list” of eight starters, referring to the adhesions of Face Time Bourbon, Grainfield Aiden, Next Direction, Seismic Wave, and Vitruvio.

England Yarmouth double Marco Gianni 60/1 (56 victories in 2021), with Romatic Time in “Novice” and Internationalangel in handicap, and Marco Poti’s success (25), with Dark Scimitar, in handicap.

Today’s runner-up to Newbury: Junior (6886l, 1200m) Costa Smeralda.

US/1 / Yesterday at the Indiana Grande three times over 28/1 for Umberto Rispoli (75 wins in 2021), with Lucy’s Cakes Fly in “First Claim,” Imperial Mission in “Optional Allowance Claim” and Monarchs Glen in “Bets” Jonathan B Schuster Memorial Stakes ($85,000, $1,700). For Rispoli, too, he finished third with Lady Aces at the Indiana Oaks (Group 3, $200,000, 1,700 cu) and was won by Soothsay.

US/2 Saturday at Belmont Park Eight Belmont Derby contenders (Group 1, $1,000,000, 2,000m) for Tokyo Gold, winner of the 2021 Italian Derby: Also among them is Bolshoi Ballet, Coolmore holders coached by Aidan O’Brien. Seven Belmont Oaks competitors (Group 1, $750,000, 2000) for Sirona, Christophe Verland’s last signature after Scuderia Waldeck saw him: Here O’Brien will play Santa Barbara.

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