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Biden says there shouldn’t be a second discussion if Trump still has Covid-19

Biden says there shouldn't be a second discussion if Trump still has Covid-19

Biden told reporters in Maryland: “Well, I think if he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have an argument.” “I think we will have to follow very strict guidelines. Lots of people have been injured and it’s a very serious problem.”

And he continued, “So I will be guided by the Cleveland Clinic’s guidance, and what doctors say is the right thing to do – if and when it appears for discussion.”

The former vice president also said he looked forward to the debate scheduled for next Thursday in Miami.

“I look forward to being able to discuss it. But I just hope all protocols are being followed, what is necessary at that time,” he said.

Trump, who left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday after receiving treatment for the virus, is among more than one Dozens of people close to the administration or his reelection campaign Who have contracted the virus in recent days.

The president tested positive last Thursday, but it is unclear when he may have contracted the virus as officials – including his physician Dr. Sean Connelly – have repeatedly refused to reveal the last time his test result was negative.

Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris, In their only discussion of the 2020 round, Biden’s colleague is slated to face the virus. Pence, who has been near several people who have contracted the virus, has tested negative for the virus several times in the past few days.

Trump said he plans to participate in the upcoming debates despite being positively diagnosed with the Coronavirus, prompting debating organizers to consider a set of contingencies about how to safely host the remaining two presidential debates. One possible option is to have discussions held by default.

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“The commission, myself included, is certainly open to the hypothetical processes of discussions, without a doubt,” said one committee member, who requested anonymity to speak openly about the upcoming deliberations.

Trump’s bout with the virus brought a new state of uncertainty to the race less than a month ago until Election Day, raising questions about the president’s health as voters cast their ballots in some states.

Conley insisted on Monday that Trump was healthy enough to return home, although he indicated the president “may not be completely out of the woods yet.”

Meanwhile, Biden blamed Trump for contracting the virus, saying on Monday that his refusal to wear masks frequently and social distancing were the reason.

Biden said of Trump during a NBC municipal meeting in Miami: “Anyone who gets infected with the virus basically says,” Masks aren’t important, and social distancing doesn’t matter, I think he’s responsible for what happens to them. “

This story has been updated with additional background information.

CNN’s Eric Bradner, Kevin Liptak and Mave Reston contributed to this report.

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