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Alert service fee, what’s going on

Alert service fee, what's going on

many clients ING . Bank Charged outside the normal range of alert serviceFor example, for push notifications and for those notified by e-mail.

Between the real inconvenience and the astonishment of customers who do not find the bill in red, but only in the negative and with several zeros, comments on Facebook page ING Italy And complaints about checking account problems abound – let’s see what happens.

What does the alert service usually cost for ING Bank

The service is usually free. Just alert service The SMS service provides a charge of 0.20 cents per notification received.

This comes in the form of the shipment On the current account on a monthly basis with update on the last working day of the relevant month. Cost SMS Alert Service For credit card, it is reported on the monthly statement and charged every 10th of the following month.

What happened: ING Bank is charging for an alert service

Contrary to the norm, many ING Bank customers They find a charge that is more pronounced than usual and has several zeros. a lot of customersTherefore, they found themselves with a negative current account and even a lot.

The alert service Usually offered to customers for free or almost, commissioned a beauty 234 million euros Everyone who has an account open with IGN Bank.

ING . Bank

ING . Bank
Customer fee for alert service

What does ING Bank say about the alert service fee

Meanwhile, from ING . Bank Explanations have not yet arrived. The most likely hypothesis is that it was an attack by someone hacker. However, there is still no official explanation and the problem is not yet resolved.

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Moreover, among the complaints is the fact that the bank did not notify customers of uncomfortable Which made them literally stunned to discover debts that do not actually exist in the current situation.

Testimonials and comments on ING Italia: customer annoyance

The uncomfortable It has been strong and many customers are complaining about getting into debt e ING . account has been banned With all the inconveniences caused by people’s daily lives.

In fact, the charge was not just emotional distress which we hope will soon be resolved. On the contrary, it was the same for many customers Account ban. On this, comment by Facebook social networking site It tells about a mother who went shopping for her little daughter and suddenly found herself frozen account.

ING . Bank

ING . Bank
Customer reviews for ING Italy

Together with the concerned mother, many other customers ING . Bank They found themselves in the real impossibility of conducting transactions of any kind and, in fact, using their money. As if all this wasn’t enough, among other things, the bank also didn’t respond to green number Nor to the numerous customer complaints who continue to comment.

ING . Bank

ING . Bank
Customer reviews for ING Italy

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