World Championships – No world championships for Stybar: 3-time world champion will not attend Hoogerheide

    World Championships – No world championships for Stybar: 3-time world champion will not attend Hoogerheide
    The first invitations to the Hoogerheide World Cup are beginning to arrive (3-5 Feb). after selection from the United Statesone of the first European teams to formalize the squad for the World Cup Czech Republic. These are important call-ups for coach Peter Kluczyk, who was very careful in his choices, trying to call up as many young players as possible to gain experience. Also because next year, for the 2024 edition, the World Cup will be held in the Czech Republic, in Tabor. However, there is no expert among all of these ranks: in fact, he is missing Zdenek Stybar which is not called by the instructor but by mutual agreement with the rider himself. Stybar, turned into Jaico Ella After 12 years in Quick Step, he made it clear that he would make a decision in mid-January. In other words, participating in the World Series only if it was a condition of doing so: after careful analysis with his new team, he chose to pass. Stybar, who has already won the World Cup three times in his career, will wait for the next opportunity.

    All summoned


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    Elite men: Michael Boros (National Champion), Jacob Reimann, Simon Vanicek;

    elite women:-

    Men under 23 years old: Matthias Fiala, Matthias Kopecky, Matej Stransky, Patrick Cerny, Pavel Jindrich;

    Under 23 women: Kristina Zemanova (National Champion), Katerina Haldikova, Julia Kopecky, Barbora Yerapkova;

    little guys: Vaclav Czyk, Frantisek Hojka, Jakub Koba, Filip Samic, Pavel Sumbek;

    young women: Vanda Dlaskova, Katerina Dudrova, Eliska Hanakova, Karla Novakova;

    So there is an absence staybar And at this point, there will be three Czech riders to try out in the elite class. National Champion Michael Boros With Jacob ReimannAnd Simon Vanishek. On the other hand, there are no women in the elite test. and the Zemanova? It is true that the class of 2003 has almost always been contested among the elites, and the World Cup will be played in the under-23 class.

    Stybar expects, but Campenaerts has more: take back access

    Where to see Cyclocross races on TV and live

    All cyclo-cross races this season will be broadcast live Discover +, Discovery’s new ott service that brings Eurosport’s best entertainment and sports programming. You can also catch some of the tests live on Eurosport 1 (Sky channel 210, also available on DAZN). All stations will be available on demand on Discovery+ and GCN.

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