Whoever does this is banned from Elden Ring, be careful!


    Bad news for Elden Ring players, if you use this method you may be banned immediately!

    of programs have been a huge success with Elden Ring! .’s new address Hidetaka Miyazaki The creation of absolute spirits. A title that perfectly combines the mechanics of Evil spirits An amazing and beautiful open world. Indeed, until now, all the games From were based on well-defined zone maps, which are still noticeable in the dungeons of the Elden Ring, since it is precisely in this case that the great interest in the study was noted.

    elden ring
    The only quiet moment in the Elden Ring? (Source: bandainamcoent.eu)

    Elden Ring made a real sensation from the first day of its release, receiving Excellent grades From critics and a huge welcome from players, who couldn’t wait to get into the very dangerous Interregnum. At the moment, the title suffers from some optimization problems, Totally normal and manageable for the newly released title. But there is something it can do for you ban of online services.

    Elden Ring: Watch out for the ban!

    As mentioned earlier, Elden Ring does a real job massacre One of the players who die honorably amid the torments of the game between a difficult boss and a hard-to-reach area. From. The title has also been criticized for being too difficult. Although Miyazaki decided to apologize to the players, Difficulty has always been part of my philosophy of software.

    elden ring
    Banning you from the title will cost you the chance to play online! (Source: bandainamcoent.eu)

    However, there is one thing that has not convinced the entire community: the package of 60 frames per second imposed by developers. Due to technical issues such as stuttering and sluggishness, Elden Ring players They started downloading a file modern, Able to open Fps, grab more than 60. However, it is likely that get banned From the online game! In fact, to install and use it, it is necessary to bypass easy anti-cheat, Which puts you at high risk of getting banned.

    Also, even if you plan to work offline, it is still not recommended to use this mode. In fact, the game is designed to run at 60fps, and if you go any further, you will notice mistakes in animation, an insect and so on and so on. In short, for now, we must wait for the software to solve problems More With Update. Despite the various tests we ran, we still didn’t notice any significant performance drop.

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