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Alessandro Salusti

Talking badly about the political class is like shooting a red cross, which is easy and foolproof. Those who do are often accused of apathy, populism and defeatism. There is some truth, because the anti-sect movement was born in the wake of the “La Casta” book he wrote in 2007. Sergio Rizzo NS Gian Antonio Stellaand, arriving in Parliament a few years later dressed as the Five Star, proved more helpless, unreliable, and charismatic than those who preceded him.

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However, there are times when you can’t stop yourself from targeting it, even understanding has limits. Yesterday the House decided that MPs will only be able to enter the House if they have a Green Pass (which makes sense after approval We have to go to work under the same conditions) but with a variable in relation to humans only: those MPs who choose the payment path to get the green light will not have to pay the exam fee, which will be compensated by the health insurance fund, Which technically pays them but still with our money.

Now, the tampon costs 15 euros and is valid for 48 hours. Representatives, whatever the case, work four days a week. Total: 120 euros per monthAnd An important number for someone who earns 1200 euros, negligible for those who travel, like them, about 15 thousand net plus benefits. We are ‘Independent Professionals’. But we could have done that, too.”Ladies and Gentlemen“or”Ladies and GentlemenPerhaps the meaning was clearer. In addition to a certain income, one must first pay the reserve and not dump it in social security institutions or society. But as you know, Parliament in the last legislatures has gone from a place of ruling class to a mixture of middle salary and salaries for bankruptcy.

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But not only. The same ladies now want to prevent virologists and doctors from appearing freely on TV. The Babylon of Science is actually disturbing and at times dangerous, however, in terms of the limitations of freedom, I would say that We’ve given enough. Also because if Toninelli and Borghi can properly appear on TV, I don’t see why he wouldn’t use Bassetti or Capua. People who have studied at least.

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