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Rita Ora happy with Taika Waititi

Rita Ora e Taika Waititi

The relationship between Rita Ora and the Academy Award-winning New Zealand actor continues to flourish Taika Waititi, 46 years old. The two met last March after meeting in Sydney, where they were both on a business trip. And in Sydney, the couple are back these days: the English singer accompanied her boyfriend, who is finishing filming some films, after a period of quarantine, and they were photographers while out. At Chiswick Restaurant in Woullahra. Aviante and accomplices, the two stars looked very happy.

It’s hard to love Taiki

Blonde, beautiful and very talented today Rita Ora is a pop star known and appreciated all over the world, but she has a difficult past. Maybe not everyone knows that a singer let you love me It’s not from the UK but from Kosovo. When I was born, the country was going through a deep crisis and the singer’s parents decided to emigrate He searches for his fortune in London. However, when they reached the heart of England, things went very wrong: the parents were taken away from the girls, who were taken to an orphanage. The singer talked about it in her autobiography hot now. Discovered by rapper Jay-Z years ago, she took her first steps into the world of music from a young age, when she entertained the customers of her father’s London pub with very popular covers. Once she came of age, she realized that her dream was to work in the entertainment world, and against the advice of her parents, who wanted a college career for her, she decided to pursue her dreams.

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Rita E Taika

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