NBCSN closes its doors in the US

    NBCSN closes its doors in the US

    American television presenter NBCSN, the sports network associated with NBC, a holders of television rights to NASCAR and IndyCar in the United States, closed its doors for the night between December 31 and January 1.

    It still seems like I haven’t worked in TV for long, but for the entire decade I’ve been on the National Cable Network! Goodbye NBCSN…and hello Tweet embedAnd USA_Network & mostly @nbc… closet cleaning 🤣 https://t.co/Qo6QrOO1Sk

    NBCSN closes: What will change for NASCAR in America?

    NASCAR has been one of the broadcast sports events in the more than 20-year life of the Comcast-owned and NBC-owned channel. The American Automobile Association, along with IndyCar, the Premier League and the NHL, which have lost their TV rights since the current season, are the main part of the table.

    Now, with closing NBCSNThe entire sports schedule will be split between USA Network, a channel that also broadcasts WWE Monday Night Rawand Peacock, the group’s live streaming service. Starting with the Ally 400, the last race for June was from Cup Series 2022NBC will broadcast all races through to the end of the season, and USA Network Eleven will be broadcast, leaving the other nine, including Fourth Championship.

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