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Khashoggi raised the request for clarification to Renzi. Pd and M5S: “Explain your relationship with Saudi Arabia”

  Khashoggi raised the request for clarification to Renzi.  Pd and M5S:

Renzi clarifies your relationship with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman Collaboration with the Future Investment Initiative Foundation has been terminated. “The request for clarification from Pd and M5S and the Italian left comes from Italia viva leader Matteo Renzi Ignite the controversy again The US administration released the CIA report with evidence The Saudi prince got involved In the killing of a Washington Post reporter Beauty KhashoggiThe. “Matteo Renzi said that after the crisis he would clarify his ties with Saudi Arabia and the“ great crown prince. ”He didn’t say anything yet, but he thought about it. Joe Biden. Clarification is now not just a matter of opportunity, but rather a national interest, “writes the former Minister of the South and leader of the Democratic Party. Pep Provenzano.

Democratic Party: “Renzi clarifies your relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

Joint clarification request with the party comrade and the deputy speaker of the House of Representatives, Michel Bordeaux. Renzi told us even if he is still convinced that a new renaissance is underway in Saudi Arabia and that the prince is even its interpreter. From what appears in these hours I do not think so. We will check whether it is appropriate to employ a parliamentary initiative: this must be clarified. It is a matter of national security and it is useful for the Republic Senator, who played an important role in the birth of this government, to really clarify his relations. ” Gianni Cuperlo “Renzi announced that once the government crisis ends, he will present the reasons for his initiative. It is appropriate that he do so. If possible soon,” he adds on Facebook.

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M5S attack and Italian left

Until th Five-star movement He is putting pressure on the former prime minister. Gianluca Ferrara, The group leader on the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee recalls Khashoggi’s murder: “Things befitting the darkest Middle Ages, other than the Renaissance. While Renzi was going to Saudi Arabia to sing the praises of a murderous regime, the government Giuseppe Conte And Farnesina led Luigi Di Maio They banned all arms sales to the same system. Including the bombs used in Yemen that Renzi decided to sell to Saudi Arabia in 2016. “

But Grillney’s protests were also sparked by the way in which Al Rai newscasts approached the issue. “It is surprising that all public service news bulletins to the Rai, when conveying the American document accusing Prince bin Salman of committing the brutal murder of dissident journalist Khasuji, cautiously avoided talking about the serious internal political implications of this case, which are related to the relations between Renzi and … the Saudi monarch,” Protests Sabrina Ricciardi, Parent company M5s on the RAI Stewardship Committee. “Regarding these reports – he continues – the whole Italian political scientist asks for clarification. We hope that a controversial issue will have such space on the public broadcaster it deserves.”

Even panned Nicolas FrattoyaniAgent of the Italian Left: “Renzi promised to respond to his relations with that regime after the end of the government crisis, and that moment has arrived. Now it is clear to the transparency and the duty of honesty towards Italian citizens.”

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Renzi and the Link to the Future Investment Initiative

Renzi is a member of the Board of Directors of the Future Investment Initiative. The heart of Mohammed bin Salman’s power, the facade he built for the world. Davos was created in the desert (as it is called) for a period of five years, and its goal in this period was to bring the most important champions of global finance and the economy to the Kingdom, from Christine Largard to Masayoshi Son to convince the world of the new Saudi session: only loyal people have a seat on the board of directors or Personalities whose international prestige serves to elevate and legitimize the prince’s image.

It is managed by the Public Investment Fund, and it is the sovereign investment fund that is the long-term prince in the world of international finance and business and that controls a large part of the Saudi economy. Here, Mohammed bin Salman issued some of his most important international announcements, from fighting extremist Islam to investing billions of dollars in NEOM, the so-called City of the Future. There is no other platform the prince has used in the same way to unleash his image as a loyal reformer of modernity and a different future for his country: It is no coincidence that this is where the role of the outcast was clearly the same in the international community after Khashoggi’s murder. In 2018, most guests deserted the event right after the journalist was killed.

Amnesty International is protesting

Meanwhile, the Greens are also asking Renzi to clarify. On the other hand, AI’s view is different. “It is certainly inappropriate to be invited to international forums that are a direct outgrowth of the Saudi monarchy and to remain silent on the system of human rights violations,” said the spokesman, Ricardo Nuri. But he adds: We must understand whether the behavior of “Italian governments that have formal political relations with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” “on the scale of gravity” is more vulnerable to censorship, Sent weapons until 2019 a A country at war with Yemen participated in the virtual G20 “or organizing football matches like the Italian Super Cup. In Italy, an Amnesty International spokesman concludes,” There was a competition to find out who convinced Saudi Arabia the most, forgetting and the bloggers were whipping in the streets, Human rights activists in prison, women’s rights defenders and journalists are under attack. “

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