Innocenti and Historic Partnership with Australia: The Italrugby Rocky Balboa Style

    Innocenti and Historic Partnership with Australia: The Italrugby Rocky Balboa Style

    ROVIGO – Federal President Marzio Innocenti had predicted this at Pedrochi in Padua, where he presented the fall series: “Two goals, two victories.” It took courage and confidence to do so after the Batumi Killer. Instead, 4 months after the 28-19 defeat in Georgia, the goal was achieved. Travolta Samoa (49-17) and the first historic win with Australia (28-27). The best blue autumn ever; 5 wins in the last 6 games, one step away from the 1968-1969 record, another era.

    Where did the confidence come from?

    “From the evaluation of competitors. Samoa has great personalities, but they play very little. In the first match of the tour, he always had group difficulties (in fact in the second match he won 20-19 in Georgia, resizing, editor) ».

    and Australia?
    “It’s a team under construction. In the four countries he had mixed performances. It wasn’t consistent in Argentina. He came to Europe with 33 players in 5 matches, we have between the two teams against France and Ireland. Logical rotation. With the eleven changes that have been made, it has found itself almost in the same situation as in Samoa.”

    From today, even the big names won’t make eleven changes with Italy?
    “They’ll put a few more question marks before they do that.”

    So what do we face South Africa on Saturday in Genoa?
    “He played a violent game in France. He has issues with injuries, fatigue and suspensions, but at this point I expect him to be the better team.”

    Is it forbidden to think of the triptych?
    “With Springboks, it is above all a physical question. If you can resist their influence, they will not have a Plan B, and teams that move the ball like Italy will suffer. So if we’re going to resist physically, why not? ».

    However, the fall goal has already been achieved.
    “Yes, we have seen consistent Italy for two games in a row. If it also happens to the third, it means that we probably become really consistent. In the future, we will not arrive in the 80th minute suspended from Donaldson’s wrong ball, but with a consistent score.”

    What happened in four months to go from Batumi to his first win with the Wallabies?
    Batumi, indeed. The boys themselves have experienced that without the obsessive application and correct behavior, no one will give you anything and you will lose even from Georgia. That defeat will be painful for a long time, but it was an essential step in our growth.”

    danger now?
    “Going from constant flogging (Italy is not worth the Six Nations, Varni is worth nothing, etc.) to excessive glorification. We are going to hurt ourselves. We in this rugby game are not the wrestlers as we were telling ourselves, but Rocky Balboa in the first movie. From Strangers This is how we must act.”

    Three moments with the Wallabies remaining in Al Ain?
    “A defensive attack where we regained possession. Ioane stepped in to save the goal along the touchline. Capuzzo accelerates on the second goal and Lucchesi to clear the ball from the defense area. Actions by global players. The All Balcks have 15 on the team, and now we have some too.”

    special dedication?
    To the Italian rugby players who in the past came close to winning with Australia. Football has done them justice by Donaldson.

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