In Paliano from June 8 the short festival … but not much!

    In Paliano from June 8 the short festival … but not much!

    Paliano – The Short Festival…but not much! Back for its eleventh edition! Once again this year we celebrate diversity and social inclusion through cinema. The appointment is from 8 to 10 June 2023

    The festival has been organized for 11 years by the social rehabilitation housing structures Casa Joni and Casa Marie, which represent the dream of liberating society and culture from prejudice towards those with mental disorders.

    The initiative will revitalize the municipality of Baliano on 8, 9 and 10 June 2023 in the former Cinema Hesperia in Piazza XVII MartiriThree days devoted to cinema and art. The program is very rich: Short film screenings in competition; Musical inserts by AzzTherapyconsisting of operators and users of the social rehabilitation facilities Casa Johnny and Casa Marie; View projects for the rehabilitation of structures and facts that deal with rehabilitation; moments The debate on mental health and youth education;Short Film Awards The winners. Furthermore, the final evening is being organized for Saturday 10th June Crazy music colors, big party in the square With performances by orchestras, ballet companies and AzzTherapy.

    The festival promotes the social inclusion of patients by giving them the opportunity to participate in a cultural event and interact with the public. The boys – users of Balinese rehabilitation facilities – are the absolute champions of the eventThey attend as organizers and managers of the spaces, provide information and details about scheduled events, and create paraphernalia and gifts for the public and guests of the exhibition. This event is therefore an opportunity for Promote the importance of psychological rehabilitation and allow communication between structures dealing with this type of activity.

    The core of this initiative is mainly the short film competition It aims at therapeutic and rehabilitative structures, organizations and associations that deal with disability in general and is open to all. In the center topics such asIndividualization of the person, rehabilitation, social inclusion and participation. In the course of the editions, the shorts passed … but not so much! It had a wide national and international resonance. This year there were 67 entries, with Short films from all over the world: China, USA, UK, Brazil, Iran and many other countries. (For the full list of participants, see Festival site).

    Another year for our festival, a bridge capable of connecting our structures and our work with other realities dealing with mental and physical discomfort with which we can build a network of connections and exchanges. It is the possibility to participate through the cinematic medium like the professionals in that world that often excludes them or only tells them. Finally, there is also space, a place, and a time for them and us to enjoy the possibility of making our voices heard. – comments Enzo Briscoe, Director of the Balinese Rehabilitation Facilities and Artistic Director of the Festival.

    The event is organized in cooperation withLonda Social Promotion Association With significant support from Baliano town and Cooperative Credit Bank BCC Paliano.

    Contacts and details regarding the program and guests will follow

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