“In Defense of the National Health Service”, demonstrations in Milan and Bari. Garatini: “Intramoenia is a shame for a change”

    “In Defense of the National Health Service”, demonstrations in Milan and Bari.  Garatini: “Intramoenia is a shame for a change”

    In Defense of the National Health Service. There are two events – Milan And Barry – Under the “Healthy Fish?” Promoted by Democratic Medicine, the Deco 32 Campaign, the Right to Health Forum, and the European Network Against Health Commercialization. According to the organizers, nearly 3,000 people arrived at the Duomo square in the Lombard capital. The event is part of the European Day Against Health Marketing on 7 April. On the square there are flags of the Italian Left, a large banner of the Milan Democratic Party, flags of the Green Party and the 5-Star Movement. Today, on the one hand, we are addressing the citizens for whom we are asking for mobilization The danger is that the National Health Service will disappear forever – Vittorio Anoletto’s Explanation of Democratic Medicine -. We turn to the regional and national institutions that must intervene immediately to solve the problem of waiting lists. Must provide all approved private facilities Visits and exams with the same waiting time as those coming with the Public Health Service And for those who pray especially. But it cannot be the purse that decides whether one can be cured or not.” At the end of the mobilization “a very sad contest will kick in and we will more or less announce every week the winner, whoever has the longest waiting lists – as Agnoletto concludes -. To date, there is a record in Milan of fifty months waiting for a prostatectomy“We are calling for and working towards a public NHS review, refocusing on the public to fully implement the 1978 reform while prioritizing prevention and adequate refunding: public health is an investment, not a cost! “He says Marco CalderoliNational President of Democratic Medicine

    Speeches on stage given by personalities from the medical world such as Silvio Garatini, or representatives of health associations in other European countries associated with France and Belgium. “The National Health Service is a great asset that we must preserve and improve not only for ourselves but it is very important that we do it for our children and our grandchildren – emphasized the President and Founder of the Institute for Pharmaceutical Research Mario Negri from the stage -. We have to improve it because we have seen during Covid that it has points weakness.” The first thing to change, according to Garattini, is the intramoenia system, which allows doctors to make visits even in a private system and not just with the NHS. “If you go to the hospital to book a test or a visit, you are asked to come in three months, four months or six months depending on the case,” he continued. But by paying, with the same people and the same facilities, you can have it all next week. This is intramoenia, the existence of the private in the public, a shame that we must change because we cannot maintain this state of inequality. I hope – and conclude – that the doctors of democratic medicine and those who have joined this mobilization will strike until just one hour because this situation should not exist.

    To bear his testimony also Francesca Colciaghivice president of the Arsi Society of Health Researchers in Italy, who told the difficult story Job insecurity for researchers in Italy, who also earn much less than their colleagues from other European countries. actor too Money Ovadia Join the crowd. He commented, “The process that is taking place is to make our health care private and make the public irrelevant, as in the United States. That means the privatization of health and therefore of human beings.” On stage is a large banner that reads, “Health is not a commodity. Health care is not a business.”

    A thousand people in Piazza Bari, many doctors, from the various provinces of Apulia, “but also citizens and a good representation of the collaborators of the study”. “There was a lot of participation in today’s event,” Silvestro Scotti told Adnkronos Salute, national secretary of the Federation of General Practitioners (FEMG), “but beyond the regional significance, with family medicine no longer being invested in, there is also a clear interest and concern that has national value.” Because all of this is happening in a district where the governor is also the vice president of the conference of districts.” Also for this reason, “we expect more comprehensive answers from today’s event: lRegions cannot continue to complain about a lack of resources but not confront each otherThere is no shortage of examples of limited interest in Scotty Territory: “We are in March, and for the umpteenth time, districts have yet to post invitations to family physicians for three years. Then complain about the lack of professionals? And again: “Although it was predicted by national agreement, nothing diagnostic can be seen in our studies: we continue to envision a Pnrr-related model and nothing is being done to invest in it today. Instead, we are convinced that we must start investing in human resources.”

    “Let’s save the NHS: this is the appeal – launched in a video message to the squares by the President of the National Federation of Surgeon’s and Dentists’ Orders (Fnomceo), Philip Rings On our part, there is full solidarity and full support for all demonstrations that support a system that wants to treat everyone the same way through fair and supportive access to the national health system. “Today the system is in great difficulty because the professionals are suffering – he added – that’s why I thank them for their commitment. My thanks go to the colleagues who are demonstrating in Bari today both in the Piazza and in the Assembly, to those present in Milan and to all those who have signed the great petition that has reached more than 120 thousand signatures to support the National Health Service.

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