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I found an Easter egg on the official website – Nerd4.life

I found an Easter egg on the official website - Nerd4.life

Some fans have discovered a cute and disturbing photo at the same time Easter egg within official site From Remake of Dead Space, the eagerly awaited new version of the next generation of Isaac Clarke’s fearsome adventure aboard the USG Ichimura.

the outlet There are very few dedicated to Dead Space at the moment, and there is only a link to the official trailer presented in EA Play Live and social media, the possibility to sign up for the newsletter and much more. In the background, a glimpse of the aforementioned spaceship, which serves as the stage for Isaac Clarke’s adventure, can be peeked at and emits light signals. Here are some users searching for details who found that these signals have a certain pattern, which forms a Message With Morse code. When parsed, the result is “MAKEUSWHOLE”, a frequent phrase in the Dead Space series, “makes us one” in the Italian version.

Dead Space Remake
Remake of Dead Space

The meaning of this phrase will likely be familiar to those who have already impersonated Isaac Clarke in the past, while for others…well, we absolutely don’t want to spoil the surprise. It will be a small detail, but in any case it is indicative of the developers’ desire to re-propose faithfully original texture.

The developers recently revealed that Dead Space Remake will include some content cut from the original due to hardware limitations at the time.

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