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How to recognize them so as not to “infect”

How to recognize them so as not to

Green Pass scam is back on WhatsApp. A message that invites you to download the certificate but it actually hides a dangerous virus.

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Scammers are always looking for different ways deceive people or just create inconvenience. Ironically, the testimony that serves to try to limit the dire consequences of the virus, Covid 19, could become a cause of the spread of the virus. Virus on your smartphone. This is because hackers use Green Pass as a tool for Infect electronic devices. after, after Telegram, the first victim of scammers, And The beginning of WhatsApp. So you should pay attention to a message that could have serious consequences.

Green Pass scam on WhatsApp, how does it work

It was June when he started playing a message on Telegram and it proved to be so Green Pass scam. During the summer months it looked like it was over but the downtime was short-lived. October has arrived, it has changed Messaging app Involved, but the message and its consequences are always the same.

Green Pass scam is running now The WhatsApp As reported by many users. You receive a conversation whose content is “In this link you can download the Green Pass COVID-19 certificate that allows you to move freely around Italy without a mask“.It depends on the sensitivity and naivety of the users and on the strong will to take a step forward to return to life before the pandemic. Of course just by clicking on the link The virus will enter the smartphone Scammers will have a clear path to reach everyone sensitive data.

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How to defend yourself from fraud

To defend yourself from the Green Pass WhatsApp scam, you will simply need Ignore the messageNever click on the link and notify the app of an attempted scam. Postal Police give general advice not to fall into the traps of active technical scammers through phishing. Links must be permanent Verify by tracing back to the source Thus making sure that the message is correct. Moreover, personal data should never be indicated via chat or e-mail with special reference to banking information. Finally, all users should know that it is important to Marker Suspicious messages arrive at the Postal Police using the portal www.commissariatodips.it.

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