Finovo: The pool and gym are closed on Fridays

    Finovo: The pool and gym are closed on Fridays

    04/12/2023 – 13:46

    In the sports field, swimming pool and gymnasium in Stupinigi Road 16, interrupts the service with the last opening day on Friday the 14th, the old dispute with the co-owner of the structure sees a new episode, and certainly not the last. A buzz of press releases, extremely remote positions, displaced users, visibly anxious employees and an uncertain future. All in a context where the service is (at this point,) as always welcome, the user has been reverting to pre-Covid numbers, and identifies the struggle associated with economic management. Summarizing the various positions expressed in the past period, On Sport has never denied the cash problems that Covid has expanded but has also made it clear that “current accounts and attendance ensure the possibility of fulfilling economic obligations”, and has now made it clear that it has to ” announce the closure without receiving any communications However, after we learned about the institution’s options from the newspapers and read the preliminary record, we believe once again that the technical measures have been ignored. Closing a 4,000-square-meter center takes time and careful procedures. Central to the dispute was the loan made by On Sport which was used to redevelop the structure, but some of the installments had not been paid by the concessionaire and the municipality, as guarantor, had to pay them. The foundation had revoked the concession in July 2021, after appeals, Tarr’s statements and now the municipality in a statement to the citizens has taken back part of the process, and – let’s summarize the position expressed for several months -, explains “we have made a choice regarding the choices necessary to protect public coffers, executives, officials and users Officials, the proposal to restructure the sports debt has been rejected by the auditors, and now the TAR clearly expressed our choice to cancel the franchise, and called on us to follow up on their decision. .
    From May 2, the structure will have an interim director. The decision to close earlier is independent of us.” The municipality has already prepared a referral tender. The appeal to On Sport has lengthened the time and changed scenarios. Now the public body has drawn up a new procedure that defines the interim manager who will take over from May 2. Of On Sport, Desire In “trying to sit around a table to evaluate our proposals,” as he emphasized in the recent press release, many confusions about the procedural process adopted by the institution.

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