Antigen testing will be sufficient for vaccinated travelers


    United Kingdom: United Kingdom: Antigen testing will be sufficient for vaccinated travelers. The new rules.

    UK Travelers Antigen Test
    UK: Antigen testing will be sufficient for vaccinated travelers (Photo by Albrecht Fitz from Pixabay)

    New rules coming for i Passengers entering the United Kingdom which will further simplify entry into the country.

    As we have already reported, the United kingdom Since the 4th of last October he has Stop asking fully vaccinated travelers about a negative smear before departure. The Tinge just ask Within 48 hours of arriving in the country.

    from October 24 next There will be another novelty: I Vaccination of travelers When they arrive, they will be able to submit to antigen test. No molecular testing (PCR) will be required. Here’s everything you need to know.

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    United Kingdom: Antigen testing will be sufficient for vaccinated travelers

    We also simplify the rules Travel to the United Kingdom. Upon arriving in the country, I Travelers from abroad they are Fully vaccinated You will be able to submit to Simple antigen testAnd within 48 hours. They will no longer be forced to do the molecular swab, as it was until now.

    The new rule will be applied from the beginning From October 24 For travelers coming from Countries not included in the red list for the Covid-19 emergency. Of course, the new rule will apply not only to foreigners visiting the country, but also to Britons returning from a holiday abroad. A way to facilitate the holidays of the British in search of sun and heat.

    The request for simplification also came from operators in the tourism sector, who for some time have asked to allow the return of antigen testing, which is much less expensive, to allow the recovery of a sector badly affected by the epidemic.

    At the moment, in red list Countries at risk of covid From the British government there are only 7: Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Panama, Peru and Venezuela.

    We remind you of that A passport will be required to enter the UK from 1 October, as well as for European citizens. The ID card is no longer valid.

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    Anti-Covid rules for entering the UK

    In short, in addition to the passport required for everyone from 1 October, here are the Covid prevention rules for travelers entering or returning to the UK.

    I Passengers who have completed vaccination (with two doses of the vaccine or only one dose in the case of a single-dose vaccine) from At least 14 daysThose who have not passed through countries classified as high risk/”red list” in the 10 days prior to arriving in the country can benefit from Simplified entry procedures:

    1. Keep the tampon To be performed in the UK During the second day (48 hours) after arrival (CD-ROM”second day test”) from the list of authorized distributors (which may be antigen tested as of October 24);
    2. Fill out the passenger locator form (Indicates the details of booking a “second day test” swab and declares that you have completed the course of vaccination against Coronavirus (in Italy or in other accepted countries);
      3) Traveling with a vaccination certificate (including green certificate / green corridor covid europeoor NHS application or other certificate with specific characteristics) to be displayed on demand at the border.

    Passengers who meet these requirements, They should not wipe you before leaving NS Not even a precautionary period After arriving in the UK.

    More information on the Viaggiare Sicuri website:

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    UK travel vaccination
    Travel to the UK (Arriving at London Heathrow. Archive photo by Holly Adams/Getty Images)
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