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Zack Snyder’s Justice League might not be what all fans wanted, but it’s definitely epic

Zack Snyder's Justice League might not be what all fans wanted, but it's definitely epic

Assumption to be done, with respect to Justice Squad By Zack Snyder (from HBO Max in the US and SkyCinema and Now TV in Italy), Is This Not Really Cut the outlet, But one Re-issue Four hours of a film released in a hybrid and condensed version more than three years ago the director had to give it up, due to a host of factors ranging from personal tragedy to technical differences with the studios.

Final editing is a clear number of Replay photography to me Joss WhedonFresh from breaking up with Marvel with a disappointing outcome, In some tragic cases. Three and a half years of stubborn social campaigns have passed since then, aiming to get a second chance for a manager 300 H Sucker punch. Also for this reason it is difficult to write about Justice League Zack Snyder It’s limited to the movie itself: it’s a file Crossroads In the relationship between the media and the public, in a previous strange game, as a result of which there will be nothing at all in the field of film and television entertainment. Don’t trust the writer’s memory, but I think it’s the first time a movie star has invested 70 million Dollars in a remake of one of his recent movies. This is because the fans desperately wanted it.

It was hard to imagine all of this eight years ago, when Warner tasked Zack Snyder with the keys to DC’s shared cinematic universe. His first movie, man of Steel, Was an attempt to portray Superman as a reluctant Christological figure, searching for himself in a cautious and fragile world that would sometimes fall to the ground by fighting with an opponent. The stylistic code was the one that Snyder had become accustomed to his audience: a muscular and stylized film on an official level, so divisive as to the narrative development that it is forced into its dramatic claims.

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In the sequel BvS (2016), Batman comes close to killing Superman because he literally cannot trust someone that strong. Then she rescues him because their moms have the same name, but Superman dies anyway and Batman realizes his mistake. This movie, if possible, turns out to be darker than the previous film, and more so Polarisant In terms of reactions. The film was a lukewarm success, and the initial social reaction was mostly ruthless (remember the memes bullying about the sad Ben Affleck). The hand that guides both films is strong and reliable, but it is blamed for trying to apply the aesthetic Very majestic, In some ways metallara, with pop archetypes, creating a real groove in the fan base: It drives half of its audience crazy with disappointment, the other half with joy.

However, in 2016, work was already underway on the third chapter of the trilogy, so much so that Warner is quick to secure the lighter, more upbeat tone. But the studios’ confusion in this regard builds up until Snyder throws the towel and entrusts the completion of the film to Whedon, with the task of making it more fluid and lighter. With a catastrophic result.

Although the plot is essentially the same, the 2021 Justice League has nothing to do with the 2017 release, especially from the point of view of Cinematic Dignity. It is a film that takes itself very seriously despite the fictitious theme, and above all it matches the films that preceded it. Snyder takes his time improving the world he introduced in the previous two films and embodying their myths. The structure of the film follows the consensus structure in which a group of reluctant heroes must overcome their mutual distrust to face a darkness that can only be defeated through their union. The film is ambitious with a majestic visual effect. Its protagonists are anthropomorphic gods seeking a solution, and a deeply human being in their unresolved.

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Perhaps the allure with which this relationship between human and divine is narrated is what makes Snyder’s films so much. controversial: This feeling of mourning, an inability to communicate boastfulness, mixed with the elegant actions of the characters, with the greatness of their powers, creates a state of alienation in the scenes that makes it difficult to identify with those who should be his favorites. Snyder’s heroes are wounded, frightening, alien and alien gods who are called to protect them. In contrast, the Energy From the comic Justice League movie and the most successful moves in capturing its essence (such as the animated series from Warner, 2001-2006) lie more in what the heroes have done than they have been. The heroes’ pop magic is enhanced in their ability to inspire others rather than their tendency to suffer, by almost forcefully, the same suffering.

Aside from considerations of contents, there is no doubt that Snyder’s work from a formal point of view is the pinnacle of the genre. The winds peak is long, but for this very reason it is able to make jurisprudence in its class, especially now that the epidemic has accelerated the passage of the medium from cinemas to television platforms. Likely It does not come From the Justice League that all fans wanted, it’s not up to us to say if he’s the one the fans need, it’s definitely the Justice League squad. Epic and fun-Able to respond to long wait times and entertainment even the least involved spectator. Given the moment we’re in, maybe that’s okay too.

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