Home Tech YouTube will pay $ 13.99 per month (also in Italy): that’s advertising

YouTube will pay $ 13.99 per month (also in Italy): that’s advertising

YouTube will pay $ 13.99 per month (also in Italy): that’s advertising

Do you usually use YouTube? So there’s bad news for you: soon the service will cost $13.99 a month, even in Italy.

Youtube It is by far one of the most used services ever on the net. It is a platform for. Upload videos with millions of new content every day. For every need! Some are looking for tutorials, some travel guides, some gameplay, some music, and more. It’s all available for free on Google, Just watch ads before, during and at the end of your selected videos.

YouTube increases costs, now you pay $13.99 a month – Agorà24.it

This platform has also given birth to the phenomenon of YouTubers, the creators who make video posting a real business that generates excellent profits. In recent years, the service has been updated, making it possible to create and watch live broadcast content or shorts, as an alternative to TikTok. You should know, however, that bad news is about to arrive: according to what has been announced, the service will be available soon. It will cost $13.99 per month. Also in Italy!

YouTube raises costs: Now you have to pay $13.99 a month

The bad news is that, unfortunately, it will take a toll Also users residing in Italy. Soon, the cost of enjoying additional YouTube service will go up $13.99 per month. The news will initially only affect the United States, but soon everything will expand to the rest of the world.

The latest news made for YouTube Premium – Agorà24.it

We are talking specifically about YouTube Premium, which is a subscription plan that offers many benefits. This includes the ability to watch ad-free videos, enable picture-in-picture mode, download music for offline listening, and so on. The same applies to youtube music, Music streaming platform that will now cost as low as $10.99 per month.

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We believe this new view rate can fully reflect the value of YouTube premium. The service allows subscribers to enjoy YouTube ad-free with background play and offline. Along with uninterrupted access to over 100 million songs with the YouTube Music app“It was read In the official announcement.

Our base rates are continually re-evaluated as conditions change in countries around the world. Further site increases will be communicated directly to existing members, with 30 days notice given to allow members to rate.Then Google followed up with advertising, and announced it Also in the rest of the world There may be news soon.

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