YouTube wants to become mainstream TV

    YouTube wants to become mainstream TV

    to me Wall Street Journal The Google She is working on a project that will see the birth of a new free streaming service under the guise YoutubeWhere users will be able to enjoy movies, sports events, TV series and various programs that will be interspersed ads.

    A little like this is already happening with Pluto TV (The group’s free broadcast platform Basic), where a selection of content from some of the major production companies can be watched both live and on demand. In the first case, you have access to more than 50 thematic channels, divided by type of content (movies, TV series, entertainment, sports, etc.) or by genre (drama, comedy, comedy, etc.). All, as we mentioned, are free of charge and without any subscription. This is theGoal to which YouTube TV tends, according to the prestigious American newspaper.

    YouTube TV simulates commercial televisions

    Another example of ad-supported streaming content is those offered by TV manufacturers such as Vice And Rocco (unknown in Italy) who in America earn $27 and $44 per year respectively per user selling their TV. In Italy, the same service is offered by Samsung and your company Samsung Plus TV Available on Smart TVs from the Korean manufacturer.

    always according to Wall Street Journalwhich quoted a YouTube spokesperson who declined to be named, seems Google is already talking to him content providers that Lionsgate And A&Eand the owners of thematic channels like History Channel And life times (A + E) or producers of films and TV series such as John Wick 3 – Parabellum And hunger Games.

    And beginning with the 2023-24 season, US users will be able to stream i NFL match Thanks to the agreement signed between YouTube and NFL Sunday Ticket.

    YouTube TV like Netflix and Disney +

    Currently YouTube TVIt’s good to remember that it’s currently only available in the US, it boasts 100 TV channels Which can be seen by subscribing to the subscription cost $64.99 per month. So it’s not out of the question that the streaming giant could consider a new free (or lower priced) version with it included Commercials.

    And given that there are currently 5 million paying subscription users in the US alone, it’s easy to imagine how those subscriptions would skyrocket if everything was provided for free or at a deep discount.

    This trend of offering free content, or discounted subscriptions, by inserting ads is the path followed by other streaming services such as Netflix And Disney + Which, however, had to adapt to somehow meet the decline in paid subscriptions.

    In Italy, for example, a plan The basic Netflix advertising cost is €5.49 per month for €7.99 per month for the basic plan without commercials. However, it should be noted that not all movies and TV series in the commercial-free basic plan are available in the commercial-free plan.

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