YouTube offers a 30-second non-skippable ad format in its given offer. The race for TV viewers continues

    YouTube offers a 30-second non-skippable ad format in its given offer.  The race for TV viewers continues

    Youtubethe streaming service, as well as the video repository, by Googlemakes itself more attractive to television ad buyers with a New ad show Revealed Wednesday at the annual event YouTube Brandcasts in New York. In fact, the company mentioned it It will serve 30-second non-skipable ads on connected TVs, which will replace two consecutive 15-second ads broadcast today at advertisers They target the best videos through the program Define YouTube.

    YouTube Select was launched in 2020, and is part of the The company’s ongoing efforts to satisfy advertisers who want to be sure Advertising investments mean HD video contentBut they respect Safety guides for the brand. The program allows advertisers to access the More accurate selection and higher quality Creators and publishers of various categories, such as music, sports, games, food, entertainment, technology and more.

    Today, YouTube Select goes beyond the scope 70% of TV appearancesThe company said, citing internal data. Now YouTube advertisers will be able to Target their campaigns in these videos with longer adsIt lasts for 30 seconds, according to YouTube Better align with advertisers’ goals and allowing “richer storytelling”. This also means that the Advertisers can reuse existing advertising materialsrather than creating shorter content Just to reach the YouTube audience. At the same time, YouTube now believes that the Home viewers are also more likely to receive long-form ads 30 seconds when they’re watching it on the big screen, as they actually do when watching TV.

    This feature comes along with the announcement of the Pause feature. connected televisionswhich would allow advertisers to display a Your own brand when you pause a video.

    Ad experience updates follow on the heels of a report Nielsen According to YouTube (excluding YouTube TV) is the only broadcast service in the United States a Record an increase in watch timewhile other services such as NetflixAnd Disney +And HBO MaxAnd Head of the videosAnd peacock And Hulu decreased or remained the same. According to the report, YouTube views are by 1.5% Between March 27 and April 30, 2023, an increase of 0.3 share points.

    The company has always been Search for TV ads introduce himself to TV in advanceas well as ai New digital interfaces Along with other technology companies, such as half And Stabilizes. This might be the right move for the video platform, because it won’t just let it TV advertising pricing appbut nearly half of the YouTube audience in the US now relies on Connected TV: last month YouTube has reached over 150 million people Through connected TV sets in the United States.

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