YouTube, Google’s upcoming news teases users, “We won’t listen to music anymore”

    YouTube, Google’s upcoming news teases users, “We won’t listen to music anymore”
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    Everything is about to change on Youtube: it’s a Google novelty that doesn’t work, that’s how users get angry against the platform and can even stop using the service

    platform Youtube music video Received a lot of criticism from users. It is one of the most used platforms for music videos and vlogging in general. With the entry of Facebook, Twitch, Tik Tok, and all the other social networks that we normally use on a daily basis, Youtube seems to be losing ground.

    The use of news and content has been accelerated, and in this sense the format proposed by Youtube has been replaced by Reels, From live broadcasts and from videos on Tik Tok. Despite this, most of the music videos are still alive thanks to Youtube.

    However, it is still a very useful platform, but it has also changed over time. To date, Youtube contains ads not only in the banners at the bottom of the videos, but also in the video itself.

    Advertising on Youtube and Google’s novelty will be able to drive users away from the platform

    A few initial ads and in long videos many commercials blocking the view just like on TV, to broadcast the ad and then pick up where you left off.

    This now outdated principle has been overcome by digital platforms: advertising has not interrupted use as it did on television This made the spectator freer and calmer. Since the rules changed, Youtube video users have started to separate themselves from the platform.

    YouTube Block (Reddit) – Themagazinetech

    With the Google update, Youtube ad blockers will no longer work

    Google’s latest gimmick has done nothing but hurt the precarious situation even more. Users have started installing ad blockers, systems that are able to block pop-ups and ads, Or at least to reduce it. With Google updates, those who have installed and activated this type of technology will no longer be able to enter Youtube and enjoy videos. “Blocking ads is not allowed on Youtube” This appears to be the popup reported by the platform, if you don’t want ads you will have to switch to the premium version. All this can lead to a further sharp decline in the number of users.

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